Sweet Santa Fe Special: J’ai vue A. Blank a Phipps ce soir

I sure did.

I went to Phipps Plaza after work today to watch Not Easily Broken (Bill Duke, 2009), which I’m reviewing for FilmThreat.  After the movie ended, I went to Nordstrom to look at the shoes and catch up on some ESPN/NFL imagery on the TVs in the men’s shoes section.  I was there for possibly five to seven minutes.  On my way out, I saw Arthur Blank.  He was wearing dark navy or black slacks, a brownish-beige suit jacket, an orange v-necked sweater (possibly accompanied by a white button-down shirt), and caramel hued shoes.  We made eye contact very briefly.

I really wanted to say, “Excuse me, Mr. Blank.  I don’t mean to bother you, but can I shake your hand?”

or something to that melody, but I didn’t.  His body language suggested that he was just out for a quiet stroll and didn’t want to be acknowledged or recognized.

But, how cool is that?!  I saw Vernon Jones there three years ago.  And a year later, I saw him at the Perimeter Mall Nordstrom.  And over the holidays, I saw him at a Starbux in Funwoody.

And speaking of Phipps Plaza, Niketown has closed.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Santa Fe Special: J’ai vue A. Blank a Phipps ce soir

  1. connetta

    I truly loved reading through your blog..not a big sports fan myself..but a proud football/basket ball.base ball widow..LOL…Hey, it keeps him home..I know he’d like your blog so i bookmarked you…. love how well presented it is. very nice.

  2. sittingpugs Post author

    Wow, thank you connetta for the kind words and leaving your handprints behind. I’m a sucker for photography of the non-posed kind. I’ll add you to my Blog Croissant.

    You’ve probably clicked around a decent amount. All non-sports entries are categorized as Other. Many non-sports films are also in the Films category.

    Thanks & Enjoy!


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