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NFL News: Keith Brooking! Gah!

Edit: Looks like Keith Brooking is gonna be a Cowboy.

^!^ Up north, farther south, out west, somewhere mid-west.  Who knows where Keith Brooking will go but it won’t be to Flowery Branch or the GA Dome anymore. Mais pourquoi? Qu’est-ce qui ce passe? Click here to find out.

^!^ Find Falcons’ GM Thomas Dimitroff quoted in this article about the economy’s impact on free agency.

^!^ Good golly peas in a bacon omelette.  The Pro-Bowl in 2011 and 2012 would not be in Hawaii?

^!^ Los Angeles in the year 2020, or earlier, with an NFL stadium and team?  Vraiment? (I pulled 2020 out of the ether.  The article doesn’t indicate a year).

And now for something unrelated to the NFL.

Girls mature faster than boys, physiologically and intellectually.  Girls may not be able to finish the same hot wing eating challenge as a male counter-part, but when it comes to getting what she wants, there is no such thing as too young.

72 ounce steak and anger could kill ya

One of my past times is watching food eating contests/challenges on the EweTewb.  I started tonight with a search of ramen and wontons, which turned to steak.  A lot of steak.  This video caught my eye because of what I can learn from watching it. Here’s this blond-haired lad who I never knew existed until I came across this video and already I know how he holds a knife and fork.  How often he drinks and wipes his hands/mouth while eating.  A friend is to his right and another friend is sitting diagonally from him (and manning the camera).  The masticator’s name is Pete and mentions at some point that he grinds his teeth.

Click here for part 2.

(how it began).

<~> <~> <~>

Now for something somewhat my-lady-doth-protest-too-much.  What can anger do to your heart?  According to this article, it can do some nasty things.  Weirdly, my physiology only started getting wonky after I made a conscious effort to detach and not give a horse’s patoot about certain sources of annoyance and wrath.

NFL Newsies around the may pole

Lawyer Milloy has sights on other stomping grounds.

NY will take Plaxico Burress back into its bosom, but will he accept?  Can he accept?

Giants’ Super Bowl goods previously MIA have been found.

NFL Network and Comcast in a tussle.  Put on your jazz shoes, there’s gonna be a rumble.

The best Nike commercial that never was, but should be…with or without minor modifications.

Fanboys?! Are you serious?

I saw Madea Goes To Jail (2009) last night.  Good times. Hilarious.  Tyler Perry pipes in those non-secular messages whenever possible, but they’re balanced out with some very socially and linguistically deviant–presented with comedic value–behavior.

I had planned to watch Fired Up! today and write up some commentary, but I discovered that Fanboys (Kyle Newman, 200eight) is finally playing in my city.  I have to watch it. Kristen Bell as a brunette and in one of the few scenes from Star Wars (1977) that I actually remember? I can’t pass it up.


I played Mad Libs-esque game with a friend last night. It actually makes sense and has a twisted kind of humor.



Who let the pom out?

I’m surely not the only one who has wondered what is the the singular form of “pom-poms.”  Is it a “pom”? The word “jeans,” could be used in a sentence like:

Where are my jeans?


I need new jeans.

One could say that “jeans” in the first sentence refers to one pair of jeans and more than one in the second.  But the reverse could be true as well.  To avoid confusion, one might add the unit phrase of “pair of.”  A “pair of jeans” vs. “pairs of jeans.”  Would the same apply to “pom-poms”?

Where is my pom? I need new pom-poms.

Hm, or maybe not.  I speak of pom-poms because the cheerleading comedy Fired Up! (Will Gluck, 2009) opens in cinemas today.  I’m planning on watching it on the morrow and will devote an entry to it.  I’d first like to bring the poster to your attention.


Gimmicky, isn’t it? It doesn’t want any suspecting viewers to think there’s a sports inspirational lurking beneath the ulterior motives of two nubile lads.  The things that randy, heterosexual, teenage males will do to be closer to the females of their loins. :Exhale:

For more pixies, click here.


Now, for some really sad news.  A crime of opportunity brings more firepower to tendency for bad things to happen to good people.  This woman, who possibly found genuine, romantic love for the first time in her life, died from blunt force trauma in a condo she was trying to sell.  The suspect? Doesn’t even look like the stereotypical shifty-eyed, unkempt societal left-overs that we Atlantans are so accustomed to seeing on the local news in connection to robbery, kidnapping, hit-and-runs, or fraud.

As a community, we are, of course, supposed to take to heart now that anyone who wants to buy or rent your property might end up killing you.  But, wait, anyone might end up killing you…with or without intent or an apparent, logical motive.   You could even up end up technically killing yourself via an unhealthy physiological (bad diet) or thrill-seeking (extreme sports and the freak accidents that can happen) lifestyle.

According to this AJC article, the suspect has a criminal record.  Observe:

Court and arrest records indicate Thompson has several prior arrests, stretching back to his high school days in Gwinnett County.

Records listed Thompson as a student at Meadowcreek High School when he was arrested in Gwinnett in May 2005 for theft by taking and theft by receiving, in connection with a stolen Toyota Corolla. He pleaded guilty to one count of theft by receiving and was sentenced to five years of probation.

DeKalb County jail records show at least two arrests, one of which resulted in conviction.

In 2006, Thompson was arrested by DeKalb police on burglary charges. He was sentenced last April to 10 years in prison, with six months to serve. He was credited with about two months’ time served and the sentence was reduced to time served, court records show.

Moreover, the eerie irony:

“Would you like for me to escort him up?” the guard asked Calle, according to Meadows.

“No, it’ll be fine,” Calle responded. “I don’t want him to think that we don’t trust him.’ “


More than the being in the right place at the wrong time, what really bugs me is that old recidivism rearing its head again.  Read more about people who get out of the slammer and how likely it is that they’ll commit the same or different crimes again.  A related article about the situation across the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s certainly true that some people just make poor decisions, whatever the reason.  Some people learn from those mistakes and vow never again to the social contract.