Daily Archives: February 10, 2009

Now that Men in spandex is over

At least for a few months, I bring to thee equally important ideas and visions to fill your noggin.


!Community Channel Natalie on films about illiteracy but impassioned dancing.  Natalie on giving/getting directions.

!Wong Fu Productions’ incredibly funny short Up In Da Club (the first part).

!Aigo, say it ain’t so, weezer.  One more reason that bolsters the assumption that all Asian kids are good at math & science–a Singaporean boy (in glasses to boot) not yet in double digit age creates an iPhone app? Que?

!Okay, this story is about spandexed men.  Newly spandexed UGA men, to be exact.

!I tend to stay secular in my postings here (Luther analysis notwithstanding), but this here blueberry muffin is illuminating philosophically.  SLJ remarks that “It is easier to act like a Christian than to react like a Christian.”  It’s true.  Whether or not you’re an intellectual or behavioral or both follower of Christian tenets, I bet you know firsthand the implications of his observation.