Daily Archives: February 16, 2009

You spin me right round, lady

Allegedly, supposedly, presumably like a record, but more like colored bottles in this case.

Just to get my Pugs away from the likes of l’amour, Let’s Picture Ohio with this quick shot of bottles.  Doesn’t it make you think of an apron, rubber gloves, and high school chemistry class in the 1970s? Just a tiny bit?

Speaking of verbs, adjectives, and gerunds involving objects made of glass, I watched and reviewed Not Easily Broken (Bill Duke, 2009) a few weeks back; the review is up at FilmThreat now.  Here’s an excerpt:

If Mr. and Mrs. Johnson’s marital problems were only due to the battle-of-the-sexes and the non-existent quality time they spend with each other, they would probably continue to interact with each other as bickering roommates. The car accident, however, introduces two sources of stimuli: Clarice’s mother, Mary (Jenifer Lewis), and physical therapist, Julie (Maeve Quinlan). Mary’s opinions apparently matter more than Dave’s; and Julie and her teenaged son Bryson (Cannon Jay) have “naively” allowed him to be a surrogate father figure. Both maternal best intentions and allegedly platonic attention threaten to widen the gulf between the husband and wife.


Click here for the entire read.


The Flowfield Unity advises against using the kind of grip of a man who means business while flashing the grin of a man who is either paying zero attention to you or secretly wishing to do you much harm.  Have you ever been guilty of these dual actions?