Daily Archives: February 18, 2009

Off Topic: Today’s Prose 14

Backing in from the thirteenth railing.

Walter Flint couldn’t sit still.  He insisted on riding with Dean Kattahookee in the ambulance to the hospital.  After filling out some paperwork to the best of his ability and tracking down the number of the Dean’s assistant, Coach Flint alternated between sitting in the waiting area and pacing the hallway in front of the snack machines.  The man with the power and the money had collapsed on Flint’s watch.  If any law enforcement agents were to show their faces in the hospital or go to his house, he wouldn’t know what to do or say.  Yet, any potential precarious legal situations were only a fleeting worry.  Coach Flint was really more anxious about whether or not the Dean would still have his memory intact.  He knew all about head injuries and memory loss.  Flint wouldn’t want to be involved in any rehabilitation process when he only knew the Dean from afar.

Before any more worst-case-scenarios could be entertained, the Dean’s assistant appeared.