Fanboys?! Are you serious?

I saw Madea Goes To Jail (2009) last night.  Good times. Hilarious.  Tyler Perry pipes in those non-secular messages whenever possible, but they’re balanced out with some very socially and linguistically deviant–presented with comedic value–behavior.

I had planned to watch Fired Up! today and write up some commentary, but I discovered that Fanboys (Kyle Newman, 200eight) is finally playing in my city.  I have to watch it. Kristen Bell as a brunette and in one of the few scenes from Star Wars (1977) that I actually remember? I can’t pass it up.


I played Mad Libs-esque game with a friend last night. It actually makes sense and has a twisted kind of humor.



3 thoughts on “Fanboys?! Are you serious?

  1. kevmoore

    It feels good to crinkle, doesn’t it?
    On that other theme of sausage legs – is it a genetic disorder connected to “sausage fingers”, which spookily seems to affect great piano players such as Elton John and Toto’s David Paich?
    (look for close-ups of their hands for visual proof)

    I have often asked myself how they came to be so proficient with such an impediment, supposing that long elegant fingers were de rigeur for ivory-tinklers….but I digress, as usual.

  2. sittingpugs Post author

    Based on the comments from that entry, “sausage legs” can refer to the appearance of legs in pants that are too tight…in an unsightly manner. Too much flesh, not enough circumference of pant-leg.

    Or….legs that are shapeless and thus have the appearance of cylinders.

    I’m leaning toward the former as the more accurate descriptor. When even thin legs are wrapped in jeans that are too snug, those legs don’t look so thin anymore.


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