72 ounce steak and anger could kill ya

One of my past times is watching food eating contests/challenges on the EweTewb.  I started tonight with a search of ramen and wontons, which turned to steak.  A lot of steak.  This video caught my eye because of what I can learn from watching it. Here’s this blond-haired lad who I never knew existed until I came across this video and already I know how he holds a knife and fork.  How often he drinks and wipes his hands/mouth while eating.  A friend is to his right and another friend is sitting diagonally from him (and manning the camera).  The masticator’s name is Pete and mentions at some point that he grinds his teeth.

Click here for part 2.

(how it began).

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Now for something somewhat my-lady-doth-protest-too-much.  What can anger do to your heart?  According to this article, it can do some nasty things.  Weirdly, my physiology only started getting wonky after I made a conscious effort to detach and not give a horse’s patoot about certain sources of annoyance and wrath.

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