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Off Topic: 50 nifty United States

…from thirteen original coloniesShout ’em, scout ’em, tell all about ’em.

Or in this case, what’s going on politically and culturally in the continental and non-continental US.


Alabama – CBS42 Birmingham reports that a “new strain of Parvo” is “killing dogs.”

Alaska – KTUU in Anchorage informs that Lance Mackey has won the 2009 Iditarod.

Arizona – Fox11AZ Tucson and when the investigator becomes the investigated.

Arkansas – KATV Little Rock notes that the unwanted deceased could go to ashes.

California – CBS13/CW31 of Sacramento with an update on a missing girl, Sandra Cantu.

Colorado – KDVR Denver on cutbacks and blood donations.

Connecticut – NBC 30 Hartford on the machine gun law.

Delaware – WMDT Delmarva discusses “uncertain tourism season” and lyme disease.

Florida – CBS4 Miami spotlights The Red Light.

Georgia – 11Alive Atlanta reports that an “ex-Falcons QB” died” in a crash in Greece;” what a crowd at Michael Vick’s mansion auction (not); Todd Weiner retires.

Hawaii – Khon2 Honolulu with an update on recent violence in Chinatown.

Idaho – Today’s Channel 6 Boise reports on the constitutional rights of kids and a town’s curfew.

Illinois – MyFox Chicago wants you to know something about hair dye.

Indiana – The Indy Channel and whether or not a bait car could decrease theft.

Iowa – Des Moines Register on American Gothic.

Kansas – 49 News Topeka and the Governor that corrected tax form errors.

Kentucky – WHAS11 Louisville reports on waivers for make-up days.

Louisiana – WAFB Channel 9 Baton Rouge on a homeowner, his canine friend, and would-be thieves.

Maine – WGME 13 News Portland lets you feel safer with the Fugitive Files.

Maryland – WJZ 13 Baltimore experiences rising gas prices.

Massachusetts – MyFox Boston with state hockey champions, yeah!

Michigan – Action News7 Detroit announces “low cost pet vaccinations” !

Minnesota – Kare11 Minneapolis and St. Paul and why craigslist is at it again.

Mississippi – WAPT 16 Jackson reports Gluckstadt Bridge closing.

Missouri – Ozarks First with so close to death.

Montana – KTVQ Don’t be alarmed, “inmates train dogs outside prison walls.”

Nebraska – Action 3 News Omaha mentions Cornhuskers’ coach Bo Pelini and a new contract.

Nevada – Fox5 Vegas heralds Carlos Santana.

New Hampshire – Concord Monitor breaks the news that “the dog has to go.”

New Jersey – NBC40 Atlantic City mentions students saving beaches.

New Mexico – ABQjournal and Mary Herrera encourages Hispanics to “participate in 2010 census.”

New York – WCBSTV gasps, “Yankees ballpark sued by ex-administrator.”

North Carolina – The Charlotte Observer note the students protesting/the protesting students.

North Dakota – KFYR-TV wonder where the farm vets have gone.

Ohio – The Columbus Dispatch adds that OH’s “Death Row population declines.”

Oklahoma – News9 Oklahoma City on running and potential health risks.

Oregon – The Oregonian on the bill that “would raise smoking age in Oregon.”

Pennsylvania – 6ABC Philadelphia, oh the Eagles.

Rhode Island – The Providence Journal with news of geeks and the economy.

South Carolina – News4 Charleston wants to know who stole the Cub Scouts’ money?

South Dakota – KSFY ActionNews Sioux Falls asks if you have seen these men.

Tennessee – NewsChannel5 Nashville presents the Titans’ 50th season logo.

Texas – The Austin Chronicle features the retired in the city.

Utah – KUTV going fishing in Utah?

Vermont – WPTZ announces that the number of students in VT is still on the wane.

Virginia – Richmond Times-Dispatch on the King William Reservoir.

Washington – KiroTV Seattle reports that “King County Sheriff Stars Cold Case Unit.”

West Virginia – WDTV CBS 5 reports about “second confirmed meningitis case.”

Wisconsin – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel with a hard-knock life for business school grads.

Wyoming – K2tv Cheyenne introduces you to Matt Stafford.


the District of Columbia – WUSA9 with art on sale, not just for sale.


Map cred: the good ‘ol usgs.

Off Topic: Today’s Verse 23

Inspired by Pear Tree’s Open Arms.


Dyed things can’t hide you
nearing the sparks
peeling your car seat in lines
out checkers,
chess pawns so clear
flowered our stars be sublime

These clamps all uneven
with gifted delays
and hear you dyed things tonight

Sewn now
a drum to you
with broken charms
blood rings I write
relieved at someday
Sewn here
a lamb with broken charms
Loping at me
right above
broken charms

-yiqi 26 march 09 9:55pm

Off Topic: Sunshine, I Love Cleaning you man

I reviewed Sunshine Cleaning (Christine Jeffs, 2008) and I Love You, Man (John Hamburg, 2009) this weekend for FilmThreat.

SunshineC_159x159 YouMan_159x159

Rather than copy and paste an excerpt, I’m going to trouble you to read my reviews here and here.  This entry will be an extension of and repository for miscellaneous thoughts I had about the films.  What struck me the most about Amy Adams, who plays Rose Lorkowsi, was how unhappy she appeared the first time she was on screen.   Unhappy and awash in self-doubt, insecure and wanting to do something more with her life than be a maid for Pretty Clean(r).  Her emotionally bruised younger sister Norah (Emily Blunt), absurdly optimistic (and shrewd) father Joe (Alan Arkin), and young son Oscar (Jason Spevack) could all get to better stations.  Steve Zahn plays Mac, Rose’s quarterback of a boyfriend in high school, who gives her a tip about cleaning up crime scenes for some decent cash.

Staunch followers of reality-based rules and procedures may not be able to ignore the film’s ostensible down-playing of issues such as whether or not Rose and Norah are destroying crime scene evidence when they do their jobs.  There are just under ten cleaning “scenes” in the film; I’d say half of them function as more than montage fodder.  Sunshine Cleaning‘s gesture of awareness of these matters takes place in a scene of an accident where a man who had a heart attack while driving plowed into a car dealership.  Rose is filmed in a medium close-up asking the detectives whether or not they were finished yet with collecting whatever they needed of the crash site.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed it very much.  Part of the producing team of Little Miss Sunshine also backed Sunshine Cleaning.  I like morbid humor, so I knew that I wouldn’t be too disappointed with it.

Regarding I Love You, Man, though, I didn’t think it would be nearly as funny as it turned out to be….that Paul Rudd is hilarious.  My review of it actually encapsulates most of my musings on it.

Product Placement & Branding: Gund stuffed bears (a light pink one), Coke, 7-Up, Twizzlers, Bud Light, mini Etch-a-sketch, Cadillac, orange Buddha Buddha figurine, Toyota (4wd from the late 80s).

Product Placement & Branding: Planters peanuts jar (name is not visible but the bottle is recognizable), Heineken, Volkswagen wagon, Pepperidge Farm Pirouttes (prop, verbal reference), Pepsi, Lou Ferrigno; PF Chang’s, Fuddruckers, Olive Garden, TGIFs, Bennigan’s; Gibson guitars, Fender guitars, Rush, The Grove Los Angeles, Lost, AMC (the channel), and Facebook (blurry on a computer screen).


Click here for more Sunshine Cleaning pix and here for more I Love You, Man pix.

Netting the Hoop, Eliza, you’re magnificent

This Eliza is magnificent.

I mused about how much joy I get from watching televised football vs. basketball a few days ago.

I watched some Marchy mania last night on the CBS.  I’ve figured out how to watch televised basketball and not get bored:

keep my eyes on the players not holding or dribbling the ball.

A friend who thinks basketball is the best sport ever once told me good basketball players have a remarkable kind of chemistry that requires such nano-second thinking/timing of passing and shooting that it’s a thrill to watch.  When I pay attention to players with the ball, I just want them to shoot the darn sphere into the basket.  If, however, I focus on the players without the ball, then it’s about when/if they’ll get the ball and how they are reacting, which is much more interesting to me.

I had the above conversation (revelation) with another friend of mine, who then remarked about sweaty basketball courts (on account of my asking about glazed courts).  He remarked, “A common problem with the glazed courts is when the players sweat all over them.  The little kids have to come out and wipe the sweat up.  It’s kinda gross but is necessary for the safety of the players.”

I then asked the age of these kids and if they wore gloves.

“They are like elementary school kids and no gloves.  The rags are as big as them.  One or two sit underneath each basket, and as soon as a player falls
you will see the little buggers run out, get on their hands and knees, and start wiping the sweat off the court.”

Which then inspired the following:

She was as big as the towel,
crawling around my feet
after I took a dive
off balance by my own
rivulets of the past
eighteen minutes
where i kept missing
the rim of light,
of respect
of domination

and the exertion peaked
I came down on my knees
good thing

she was as big as the towel,
pawing around my ankles
after I took a hit
soaked in my face
on the hard wood glaze
a monster, monster
miscalculation at the buzzer

–yiqi 20 march 09 12:37 PM

Some more choice excerpts from that same conversation:

Friend: Also sometimes, some courts have huge stickers on them to promote the school or conference or tournament they are playing in, etc.  But the stickers pose problems… Players can slip on them, cause they are slick.  Sometimes the coaches complain and the stickers are removed.

Me: And basketball isn’t given the same televised graphics bonanza as football.  In some NFL and college games, graphics are superimposed onto the field like how they do the 1st & ten line & the blue line of scrimmage.*

Friend: Yes true.  That is some amazing technology……College basketball and NBA are different.  College basketball is more of a team game.  You’ll see more fundamental basketball, more passing, more plays that involve all teammates.  In the NBA, there is a lot of isolation, meaning a lot of one-on-one plays.  NBA players can jump out of the gym though.  the NBA has the best athletes in the world, IMO.

Me: Out of MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and the MLS, if anyone could outrun a gunman, it would be a basketball player?  Bigger strides? Although, a futbol player might be able to outrun a football player.  It’s a toss up btwn the baseball player & the hockey player

*As in, sponsor logos can be superimposed onto the field via the same technology as 1st and Ten line and blue line of scrimmage.