So No Packing heat a l’aeroport?

Last July I mused about the implications of walking into a Hartsfield-Jackson Airport knowing that I would be surrounded by armed, law and not-so-law abiding citizens.

Wail, as my local CBS station reports, I can ponder no more.  It’s not going to happen.  There will be no packing heat at the airport.

While on the topic of weapons, I believe that an effective (but likely inevitably costly) alternative to guns, tasers, and rubber pellet guns as means of subduing unruly citizens or suspects would be projectile rotten eggs.  They wouldn’t hurt as much as paintball guns and nobody wants to smell bad.  Law enforcement agents are less likely to abuse their throwing power because they wouldn’t want their squad cars stinking too much.

But where would these rotten eggs come from?

1.  Citizens and companies in the food industry (grocery stores, restaurants, schools, places of worship, hotels) can donate about-to-expire-eggs.

2.  The projectile eggs can be treated just like cars, computer equipment, or uniforms and be acquired accordingly.

But why rotten eggs?

1.  Nobody wants to smell like rotten eggs.  When a gun is pointed at you, and it’s your first time, the fear response (fight/flight) can paralyze and disorient you long enough for you to become hostile or stupid (as in series of bad decisions).  I imagine that some people would immediately do as they’re told, while others would debate internally whether or not the person holding the gun would really pull the trigger…nevermind if the person would fire and hit the target.  Consequently, some taunting could occur; sudden movements that cause the person holding the gun to shoot unintentionally.  But, if faced with projectile rotten eggs? I think everyone would immediately do as they’re told.

2.  Eggs that are about to go bad wouldn’t need to be used in cooking and wouldn’t go to waste.

3.  People can die from rubber pellets and paintball pellets.  I can’t fathom a person dying after having been pelted with five rotten eggs.

5 thoughts on “So No Packing heat a l’aeroport?

  1. C.A.Margonper

    Like than black and white animal (can’t remember the name) that raises its tail and attacks its enemies with a smelly urine. If it works for the animal, it would probable work for the gun men.

    😀 😀 😀


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