Off Topic: Sunshine, I Love Cleaning you man

I reviewed Sunshine Cleaning (Christine Jeffs, 200eight) and I Love You, Man (John Hamburg, 2009) this weekend for FilmThreat.

Rather than copy and paste an excerpt, I’m going to trouble you to read my reviews here and here.  This entry will be an extension of and repository for miscellaneous thoughts I had about the films.  What struck me the most about Amy Adams, who plays Rose Lorkowsi, was how unhappy she appeared the first time she was on screen.   Unhappy and awash in self-doubt, insecure and wanting to do something more with her life than be a maid for Pretty Clean(r).  Her emotionally bruised younger sister Norah (Emily Blunt), absurdly optimistic (and shrewd) father Joe (Alan Arkin), and young son Oscar (Jason Spevack) could all get to better stations.  Steve Zahn plays Mac, Rose’s quarterback of a boyfriend in high school, who gives her a tip about cleaning up crime scenes for some decent cash.

Staunch followers of reality-based rules and procedures may not be able to ignore the film’s ostensible down-playing of issues such as whether or not Rose and Norah are destroying crime scene evidence when they do their jobs.  There are just under ten cleaning “scenes” in the film; I’d say half of them function as more than montage fodder.  Sunshine Cleaning‘s gesture of awareness of these matters takes place in a scene of an accident where a man who had a heart attack while driving plowed into a car dealership.  Rose is filmed in a medium close-up asking the detectives whether or not they were finished yet with collecting whatever they needed of the crash site.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed it very much.  Part of the producing team of Little Miss Sunshine also backed Sunshine Cleaning.  I like morbid humor, so I knew that I wouldn’t be too disappointed with it.

Regarding I Love You, Man, though, I didn’t think it would be nearly as funny as it turned out to be….that Paul Rudd is hilarious.  My review of it actually encapsulates most of my musings on it.

Product Placement & Branding: Gund stuffed bears (a light pink one), Coke, 7-Up, Twizzlers, Bud Light, mini Etch-a-sketch, Cadillac, orange Buddha Buddha figurine, Toyota (4wd from the late 80s).

Product Placement & Branding: Planters peanuts jar (name is not visible but the bottle is recognizable), Heineken, Volkswagen wagon, Pepperidge Farm Pirouttes (prop, verbal reference), Pepsi, Lou Ferrigno; PF Chang’s, Fuddruckers, Olive Garden, TGIFs, Bennigan’s; Gibson guitars, Fender guitars, Rush, The Grove Los Angeles, Lost, AMC (the channel), and Facebook (blurry on a computer screen).


Click here for more Sunshine Cleaning pix and here for more I Love You, Man pix.

One thought on “Off Topic: Sunshine, I Love Cleaning you man

  1. Dan

    I’m pretty sure there was a verbal reference to Facebook in ILYM. I think the gay guy said it to Paul Rudd. Also, another restaurant they mentioned in the movie is Matsuhisa, a really popular sushi restaurant.


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