Off Topic: Scribbles with kocklate

Just go with it.

He asked me quite abruptly, “Would you like to have this dance?”

I glared at him.

I couldn’t have this dance or any other dance any more than a sweet potato pie could have a headache.

I have a headache every night.

I combed the fangoria every night as well.

So then he implored me.  Scraped his teeth free of plaque with a razor.

As a gesture of sincerity?  To convince me that I wouldn’t have to learn how to tango?

I would just need to sway with me.

Anoint with me.


I should’ve thrown him on the swim team when I had the idea.

But I’m getting off-point.

The point is seven,

for every basket made outside of the court.  Imagine that.  A cradle of shark fin soup.

I’ve had shark fin soup.  I’ve been led to believe I’ve had shark fin soup.

But I can’t have shark fin soup or any other kind of soup any more than I can have a dance.

All thoughts become undone.

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