Je vous presentes: Le Prom King

Continuing from my previous post.

Meet Todd.  Jock.  College graduate.  Law school graduate.  Not yet a lawyer.  Husband, father of a young son.  Wife smokin’ hot.  Or, meet Brad (as he’s renamed in the movie version).

Still a jock, a college graduate, a law school graduate, still not yet a lawyer.  Wife still smokin’ hot.

Tom Perrotta’s book summarizes Todd/Brad’s appearance as having “generic…good looks, a pleasantly bland quality” like “one of those cheerful men who modeled jockey shorts” and “smiling confidently” (31).  Patrick Wilson was certainly well-cast.  I included some analysis of Todd Field’s film in my MA thesis, which you can see below:


There are more football scenes in the novel (probably twice as many, mentioned or described at length).  Thematically, the football functions essentially the same in both the film and the novel.  It’s just the ending that differs.  In the film, Brad’s wife is at the scene of Brad’s skateboarding wipe-out.  In the novel, she isn’t.  One of the guys with whom Todd played football is there–in his police uniform.  The film implies that Brad’s connection and opportunity to indulge in football activities is dependent upon his link to Sarah.  The novel suggests that she isn’t necessary in that respect (anymore).

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2 thoughts on “Je vous presentes: Le Prom King

  1. bronsonfive

    I love this movie… And there is something about the football scene in this movie. It has to do with his friend – I forget his name at the moment – but it looks as if he wants something more than football.


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