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Le Vendredi Meilleur 2009

Last year for Easter, I wrote about Brian’s Song.   This year, on Good Friday, I wore bunny ears and a tail.

Click here for a shot of the tail and here for one by the mail box.


Broke up to the hounds of mourning pain.  The wish would splinter into my room.  End all the years you tried to stall his game.  See, then you heeded me, and I bled through.

I’d feign this rapture for malaise flown high.  The sun unkind and you’d let me breathe.  Why share this life-crime, contusion fights.  Go fast enough, go carefully.  Timing is right, go carefully.

Revenge on, bless their hearts–punching man to man.  Wide gutters, under-hand–I’ll dismember you.  Move the tree-less miles with heavy wind-less praise.  I’ll spring too near, you claim, I’ll dismember you.

I put our money down without a sound, then lost it all; I watched her leave.  The sky grew black and red, doom fell to me.  I had to try for her just one last peace.  Give it a while to find some peace.

–yiqi 10 april 09 8:32 PM

Inspired by this song and this movie.


In NFL news, NFL Network and Dish Network have finally started making doe-eyes at each other.