Daily Archives: April 13, 2009

NFL News: Turn to the docks, wipe off the gloss because Harry Kalas

…has passed away.  If you’ve seen any of NFL Films’ productions over the last twenty-some-odd years, then you heard his voice.  It was commanding, matter-of-fact, earnest, and deadpan when necessary.

Click here to watch the news piece.  Click here for some interview footage.

Now, for something unrelated to sports.  With a moderate to negligible amount of traffic, it usually takes me between twenty-three and thirty minutes to drive home from work (or work from home, counting the time it takes to park and walk to my desk).   I normally leave the premises of my work at 3:10 PM or 3:15 PM.  It only took me thirty minutes to get home on Good Friday–and I left at 5:15.  Today, I left at about 5pm and it took me possibly forty-five mintes to get home.

I decided to take 85 N because from the Cheshire Bridge area, it didn’t look too congested.  No sooner do I pull onto the highway, though, and am approaching the N. Druid Hills exit, I saw that traffic is nearly at a standstill on 85.  I was only one lane from the exit lanes, so I switched over and take N. Druid Hills north to Peachtree Industrial.  I was debating whether to take Ashford-Dunwoody to Harts Mill to Chamblee-Dunwoody to homeward, but I decided to keep on Ptree Industrial.  Cars didn’t appear to be moving after the Johnson Ferry turn, so I went down the JF and onto Ashford-D to H. Mill…intending to turn left onto Chamblee-D.  But, the light was behaving like a dingbat.   When I pulled up to the light at that intersection, it was green for about three seconds (the two cars in front of me turned right onto Chamblee-D).  I slowly inched my way up to the light and soon became perplexed and frustrated that I hadn’t gotten a green light (even after having watched either/both of the Chamblee-D directions get a red).

Volume-wise, there are more cars traveling down Chamblee-D, so it makes sense that the light would stay green longer for the Chamblee-D vehicles, but, it’s still disconcerting when you think you’ll get the green next (because the other directions are red) and you don’t.  I’ve actually seen other traffic lights that behave in this way but I don’t recall where they’re located.  I ended up turning right and going another way home.


A fashionable soul recently told me that he cannot stand sitting in traffic.  I, too, do not bode well with attempting to transport myself from point A to point B and having to wait twice as long to do so.  Now, with the help of a clock in the car or even the number of songs that have played on the radio/cd player/mp3 player, one can better approximate just how much time has elapsed while sitting in traffic or reaching one’s destination.  How long or short a trip feels is relative.   Sometimes I know I’m not really saving any time by taking detours or other “short cuts,”* but because I’m able to drive at least 25 mph on those alternate routes, I feel like I have arrived at my end point in a shorter amount of time.

*Route A consists of one mile of distance.  Route B consists of three miles.  If Route A has a lot of traffic on it and ten minutes have go by before you’re able to drive past three houses, you’ll take Route B.  But, Route B has more traffic lights.  There might even be a stop sign that only applies to two directions (at a four way intersection).  In the end, you arrive at your destination after the same amount of time that it would’ve taken you if you had sat in cars going at a scoot pace.  And, who wants to do that?  N’est-ce pas?