Off Topic: Deadland beaus, une belle, et a nod to K

I attended the world premiere of the film Deadland (Damon O’Steen, 2009) last night.   Here are a few images of the night:

Writer-actor Gary Weeks.


Actors Brian Tee, Philip Boyd; Scott (Emily-Grace Murray’s beau), and actress Emily-Grace.





Me and a

Can you spot the Falcons pin?

Click here to watch me ask a question about how hot it got during filming and whether or not it rained.   Be sure to click the HQ tab.


I rewrote the lyrics of this song on Good Friday, inspired by the film Deadland.    Here’s another piece of verse inspired by the film (and Oh, My Ishtar).

Today, I give
you a shimmering dream
of warrior stories
barreling after a misplaced outcome

Should succeed,
were I to give
her hands of amethyst composure
a cheek upon
the kiss
my Kate of ever-after

Today, I relive
for you a simmering reaction
to a question once posed
To the man with war paint
streaked across his countenance

Would the flora and fauna dwindle
from whispers to streams,
Permit me today
to give the abundance
of my apology

You, the luminescent
confection of my destiny
You, evolving

–yiqi 19 april 09 2:02 pm

4 thoughts on “Off Topic: Deadland beaus, une belle, et a nod to K

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