For the love of gargamel

Caramel…apple grapple, buy a nimrod on an army cot.

WordPress blog hits is being dodgy.  Apparently there’s going to be a jazzed-up version of the stats widget.  My blog has had 58,300 or so hits.  Not the one that appears on the front page right now…1:09 AM east coast time.

And now, I’m going to do a little interpretive linguistics number.


She rattled out a list of bones, dried to the high priestess, without the faintest hope of penetration

Cause, you see, the ocean is filled with salad leaves

that wilted when the stars reached your eyelids

five years after battling that old flame

the one that skewered her fingers into the pulse of your sea legs–

Oh, but how she walks the walk of a temple moon

dressed in nothing but a barely audible declaration of contrition

She is sorry I’ve hurt

I’ve been worse

really, than the murky boxes stacked underneath your heavy bed

Leave me to the outskirts

she’s stapled me to the board of Orion.

–yiqi 23 april 09 1:15AM

EDIT: WordPress stats are working now.

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