NFL News: Hold Me, Tugboat Gonzalez my Annie!

Gee, the dragon.  Psst. It’s official now.

Tony Gonzalez, a tight end for the Atlanta Falcons? But when? But how? Don’t just sit there with your eyes wide shut and your mouth ablaze.

Click here to get the details.  Click here for more details.

~!~ ~!~

The following song parody came to me while I was washing my hair, so I had to get it down on “paper.”

Prove it to me, prove it to me, baby

Strange voice on the phone
Even though I’m in a dead zone ~ it goes through
I smell a premonition
Quit doubting and let us play ball ~ oh yeah
No blows, no holds
So make me throw
Relent, you show
Trace my footing, would ya
You’ll spill, or you’ll choke
Own all the tricks of the trade for you, baby
Save one for me

All I need is proof
count after me, baby
All I need is proof
You’re shaping up nicely
All I need is proof
Now, baby don’t shoot high
You swore you wouldn’t try
I’m gonna win you, right
All I need is proof

–yiqi 23 April 09 5:52 pm

Inspired by this song. I never disliked the Xtina’s original, but I like it more in Spanish.

~!~ ~!~
PS. Here’s that Tugboat Annie.

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