Off Topic: La morte D’Alice Bleu

Another Atlanta Film Festival piece that I reviewed is up.  You can read it here.

I must note, though, I don’t think my editor knew I was parodying a certain song (I probably should’ve mentioned it).   Thus, some of the rhythm and syllabic particulars were altered a bit.  Here is the original:

Alice Blue Dreams

On a Monday she starts working

Tuesday, she’s not eating

And by Wednesday

She’s a freak.

Her eyes see, she knows you

Not fragile, Alice Blue

Teeth sharpen, watch her seethe.

Try, with her and you won’t last

You can barely stand back up

So just give up.


Smell workplace slime, no sun in sight

And she’s still toiling

You pledged eternally


Don’t even joke with her, oh no

She’ll knee you in the seams

You can’t be what you seem

Because Alice, Alice, Alice Blue needs

Alice, Alice, Alice Blue feeds.

–yiqi 21 april 09 10:26 PM

Pic cred: Alice Blue.

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