Off Topic: Et Voila, Interview with Gary des Semaines

Aw yeah.

But first, I composed this message last night:

And now,

Feast your eyes upon this:

Click here for a bigger version.

An afternoon with Gary Weeks, the writer-actor from this film.

A short excerpt:

Inclement weather marched across Georgia on Good Friday 2009, sending severe thunderstorms throughout metro-Atlanta and a tornado over the northern areas of the state. Meteorological conditions had improved on Easter, and by April 15th, one day before the 2009 Atlanta Film Festival kicked off, it was starting to smell, sound, and feel like spring in the ATL. And so, on a warm and breezy Wednesday afternoon, I met up with writer-actor Gary Weeks at a Korean bakery to learn more about “Deadland,” the film he stars in and wrote. Satiated by coffee (for him) and a honeydew-celery smoothie (for me), we rapped about life, happenstance, and making movies…

Primarily filmed in southern Georgia (Quitman County) and California (the National Forest, the Salton Sea) in August of 2007, the premise behind “Deadland” first sprouted when, as Gary recounted, “One day I left my cell phone at home; I was naked without it the whole day. . . all I could think about was going home and getting my cell phone. . . And then I started thinking about how many times in my life I’ve actually felt like that, where the internet’s down and the cable’s out. . . . What would happen if one day we came home and everything was gone. . . and pushed back to how it was 200 years ago, what would you really strive to do, to fight for?”

Read the rest of the interview here.

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