Off Topic: Oh Oppa, Henney, Henney

You are my sandy joy and you’ve caught me taunting you.

I’m referring to Korean-American actor Daniel Henney, by the way.  I’ve only seen clips of his acting in Korean dramas.  I’ve seen his face in Asian fashion magazines.  Pretty man indeed, but can he act?

I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Gavin Hood, 2009) tonight, and, yes, I do believe the man can act.  I’d love to see him in more Hollywood pictures–just not in romantic comedies.

Taylor Kitsch plays Gambit, my favorite X-Men (I prefer the animated Fox series version of the character).


FilmThreat’s Peter Vonder Haar reviewed the film; and it would appear that he didn’t like it as much as I did.  Still, I enjoyed reading his review.  I especially liked how he said things here:

And let’s not get started on Gambit (Taylor Kitsch), who can make cards explode! Thrown in to help Wolverine find Stryker’s hidden base, he was doubtless also included to give a sop to the half-dozen female X-Men readers, who apparently found his Cajun accent endearing. And really, with the Hunky Trinity of Jackman-Reynolds-Kitsch, 20th Century Fox almost appears to be trying to out-beefcake “Twilight.”

Click here for more film stills.

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