NFL News: Do you have a T Kornheiser in your life?

When NFL 2009 begins, Monday Night broadcasts will proceed sans Tony Kornheiser.  Oh, really? Really.

As this Yahoo Sports article remarks, the man’s aversion to aviation has left him with no wiser choice than to disengage in sportscasting duties.  And why now? The 2009 season will apparently involve a substantial increase in having to travel the skies.

After skimming the article for informational details, I doubled back on this nugget:

When Kornheiser started three years ago, his presence made the entire broadcast awkward, because no one — Kornheiser included — knew exactly where he fit in. His jokes usually missed and his timing often interfered with important things that were happening on the field or relevant points that other commentators were trying to make. Every now and then, he’d land a solid joke, but they were few and far between, and not worth the hours of awkwardness between them.

It got me wondering…how many of you know a Tony Kornheiser type? Someone who might very well be a nice guy, even reliable, but the punchlines aren’t so punchy, the mise-en-scene skewed wide left or right such that all attempts at melding in socially (when it matters) inevitably ended up being so close and yet so far?  And regardless of how much you are willing to give him/her a second, third, and fortieth chance to get on the cool bus,* there comes a point when you wish that this person would confess that s/he has a deep fear or distaste of social gatherings and would henceforth rather sit them out?

Moreover, do you call them out on their missteps if they don’t realize just how profoundly they’ve not got on the bus?

*Or, if not the cool bus proper than at least something that tag along and serve a purpose.


Strong Men? Oh yes indeed. Strong men.  I would love to see them do a plie in a kilt.

One thought on “NFL News: Do you have a T Kornheiser in your life?

  1. yidnar

    My calling the other person out depends a lot on how well I know them. If it’s one of my friends, I’ll usually give them some flak about it. If someone doesn’t rub their nose in it, the naughty puppy will never learn.


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