Clear Eyes, Full Hearts I’ve finally seen them

I’ve seen the film, I’ve read some of the book, and over the last week or so, I finally watched the first season of Friday Night Lights the TV show.

I liked it much, much more than I imagined I would.  The writing is so sharp and the acting, for the most part, is superb.

Get a glimpse of the show here.


Okay, now on a different subject, this DTV signal switch can eat my pantaloons.  Not only have both of my local public television stations–PBS and GPTV–stopped coming through, but it appears that NBC (11alive) has expired and CBS (46) is hiding.

ABC is alarmingly clear, though.  I hope the signal strengths get their acts together before football season starts.

Show of hands, how many of you are experiencing similar issues?

3 thoughts on “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts I’ve finally seen them

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Thanks for commenting, homes. Do you have any favorite characters?

      I adore Landry–he’s got great lines and an amazing serious and deadpan delivery style. I like Tyra too.

      Sometimes I like Matt Saracen.

  1. DoubleDown

    I Love Lyla. And not for anything she brings other than being really hot.

    Speaking of, per capita, that town has the hottest people in the world.

    I love Riggins. He gets better and better as the seasons go on.


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