I Slept through the Whole game

and still managed to beat you and your sorry arse-bottom teammates.

This morning at around 3 AM, I got up to use the loo.  While I was fully awake during that procedure, I was still more than half-asleep before I got out of bed.  I remember my eyelids were open, there was also some blinking, but I was still asleep.  It felt like an immaterial part of me was blinking her eyes while the flesh-and-blood of me was still sleeping.   To my knowledge, I do not sleepwalk or sleep-hit or sleep-go-about-pedestrian-activities.  Aside from falling asleep on my hands every now and then (and causing very disconcerting numbness), I do not have to deal with sleep disorders.

According to SleepEducation.com, 17% of children and 4% of adults suffer from sleepwalking, alternatively called somnambulismTalking in one’s sleep isn’t that uncommon.  You probably have either talked in your own sleep before or heard the person next to you do it.  Eating while one is asleep happens too.  Some people have sex while they’re asleep.  What about playing sports?  Could a person participate in (nonsexual) athletic activity while asleep?

Have you or anyone you know ever been asleep while shooting a three-pointer,  making a touchdown pass, hitting a homerun, or getting a futbol or hockey puck passed a goalie?  If people can operate motor vehicles while they’re asleep…striking out batters surely can’t be implausible.  Making an interception and dunking a ball may be more difficult.

3 thoughts on “I Slept through the Whole game

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      You know you’ve talked b/c you could hear yourself somehow …someone has told you?

      How do you know that the general you, or you specifically, can be “sportif” while asleep?


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