Off Topic: Today’s Verse 27

But first.  I saw Vernon Jones AGAIN!  I was at lunch at a Midtown cafe and in walks Vernon Jones and a friend.   Today marks the fifth time I’ve seen him in public in three years.


Inspired by real events–or should I say, “real stimuli.”

Truthfully, I

im spinning….
the fever rush so enchanting now
thick with too much intelligence
progress reports stacked up on high
twice-told means to a means
the pain has spread to the other shore
and isnt this what you really wanted
always wanted

but nobody else accepted the generosity
to act like a black hole where confessions and lies and all other things confirmed or denied
could be buried

Truthfully, II

im sinking
the miniatures entrust, burgeoning wiles
wired with too many fortifications
a relapse is bound to occur
fairly tailored confidences,
their remains have spilled across the kitchen floor
but this isnt what you counted on
never counted on

that someone else could replicate the elation
to revive the soul above where ordinances and spies and all other things broken apart like flour
would be buried ever after

–yiqi 26 june 09 6:56 pm

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