What I Saw when I wasn’t looking

When I was driving down the levels of the parking deck at work today, after rounding a corner, I saw two men, both probably at least fifty-five years old, that were talking to each other.  One of them was eating a lollipop.  That sight made my day.  I don’t recall ever having seen adult men eat a lollipop before (not counting celebrities).


NFL.com’s top ten TD dances.  I like number 6–Warren Sapp, what are you doing? But I love it!


I was walking around my room today about sunset, and I noticed the shadow that I cast against the floor under the door.  I decided to take a series of ballet-esque posed pix.  Below is the longest my legs will ever appear:

Click here and here for more of Fifth Position.

Click here for something a little Lovecraftian.

Dear lover, I am not pulling string out of my head; I’m just sitting here quietly like a blue wishbone, expecting my feet to hit the ground.

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