Daily Archives: August 3, 2009

Off Topic: Today’s Verse 28

Inspired by the subtext of an off-kilter, sinister day.

When the Rhine runs

out of ammunition

and the September boys

desaturate into a mirage,

I will have exhausted

my tenderloin resources;

My place-kicker warned me,

so many turf wars ago,

you better have a backup ready

when the one you’re relying on

fails to perform

For his stride is hurried

his balance beastly,

the timbre of his invasions

blackens the tips of my olfactories;

But I haven’t any alternates

I chased a monstertruck just to sign

the first one

the only one,

perpetually delayed;

Watch the Rhone is muddied,

coordinates confiscated,

the September boys drop their towels

in the bonfire,

my place-kicker echoes,

forever leaving.

–yiqi 3 August 09 8:33pm