Off Topic: Something’s slowed to a swoon again

Say it five times fast.  Something’s slowed to a swoon again.  The mind-body truce.  I knew it was too good to last.  I didn’t think the truce would disintegrate so quickly.


I watched The Collector (Marcus Dunstan, 2009) last week and reviewed it for FilmThreat.  Click here to read it.


It’s been a weird couple of weeks.  J’ai achete des nouvelles chaussures aujourd’hui.  My remedy? New footwear.

6 thoughts on “Off Topic: Something’s slowed to a swoon again

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Thanks. I got them from the Champs at Lenox. One of the male employees told me that he’s noticed whenever I come in, I always look at the dunks. Incidentally, that section of the Nikes is right in front of the AC vent.

      So I just stand there under a steady blast of cold air.

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Amazing. If I had bothered to click through the other collector titles on IMDB before I wrote my review.

      The narrative inspiration is unmistakable.

      Freddie is an inept bank clerk with no future. His only hobby is collecting butterflies, which gives him a feeling of power and control that is otherwise totally missing from his life. He comes into a large sum of money, and buys himself a country house. Still unable to make himself at ease socially, he starts to plan on acquiring a girl friend – in the same manner as he collects butterflies. He prepares the cellar of the house to be a collecting jar, and stalks his victim over several days.

      Except, the 2009 Collector has no apparent motive and is ostensibly more into arachnids.


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