If Johnny Unitas and Michael Jordan were all shook up

Their names shaken and stirred and anagramed.  I just learned of a site that will rearrange the letters in your name (or any word for that matter).  I put my name in it (my full first name and last name) and got:


I put a few other names in it to see what would happen.  And then a few names became many names, which turned into the following:

Hannibal Lecter = ENCHANT LIBERAL

Eliza Doolittle = TOIL IDLE ZEALOT

Snow White =WIT WHEN SO

Tommy Boy = MY TOMBOY

Heathers = THE SHARE

Fire Marshall Bill = BLAME SHRILL FLAIR

Sigmund Freud = FRIGS DUM NUDE

Joy Division = IS VOID JOY IN

Johnny Unitas = OH JAUNTY SHIN

Michael Jordan =IDOL CAN JAM HER

Terry Bradshaw =HER WRY BASTARD

Daryl Johnston = NORTHLAND JOYS

Terry Pendleton = NOT TRENDY LEPER

Ovie Mughelli = UGH! I’M EVIL OLE

Michael Turner = CRUELER HIT MAN

Mike Smith = I’M THE SKIM

Laurent Robinson = STERN LABOR UNION

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets = JOY! SWEET TALK CHOICE RAGGLE

Sugar Ray Leonard = UGLY OR RARE AND AS

Raging Bull = A BUNG GRILL

We Are Marshall = WELL AS A HARMER

Varsity Blues = BEASTLY VIRUS

Pete Sampras = MATES PAPERS

Tara Lipinski = PARK INITIALS

Martha Graham = RAT HARM HAG HAM

Margot Fonteyn = TYRANT OF GNOME

Mikhail Baryshnikov = I’M LAVISH, KINKY, ABHOR

The Nutcracker = CHECKER TRUANT

Swan Lake = SANE WALK



And then there’s the Sloganizer:
generated by sloganizer.net

6 thoughts on “If Johnny Unitas and Michael Jordan were all shook up

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      That’s awesome.

      I just put my blog in it

      Turner Classic Movies

      Georgia Aquarium

      Bobby Dodd
      = ODD BODY BB

      Miami Hurricanes

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