NFL News: M Vick tries on new feathers

C’est incroyable! Michael Vick will be an Eagle. 

Peter King elaborates over at Sports Illustrated.

Masticate on this point:

…I sat with [head coach Andy] Reid and told him I thought the reason he’d been able to last in a tough town like Philadelphia for a decade is that, essentially, he didn’t give a crap about most of the things the media, the fans and lots of his players gave a crap about… it’s a good trait to have with Vick entering the Eagles’ complex this weekend to begin his second career. If there are dog-lovers protesting Vick’s signing because of his heinous dog-fighting history and convictions (and there are bound to be some), they’ll roll off Reid. He simply won’t care.”

2 thoughts on “NFL News: M Vick tries on new feathers

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. One can do the time as far as the justice system is concerned, but whether or not he can really be forgiven or accepted again will depend on how many dog lovers come around. ^_~


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