Where Are my yammed Slippers?

The google image search is a remarkable tool.  There’s no telling what sorts of images one might find (child friendly or not) when trying to find a picture of a young Sophia Loren, Faye Dunaway, Charlotte Rampling, or Clara Bow.

If one were to google image search an athlete, most of the results would be of said athlete in or out of uniform, posing with their gear, and photographs taken with other people.  Joe MontanaBabe RuthDeion SandersKerri StrugKristi Yamaguchi.  Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov aka Gordeeva and Grinkov.

What would happen if you added a random word in the search query?  Terrell Owens slippersJoe McEnroe yams.   Joe DiMaggio blenderMagic Johnson tacoTiger Woods formica.  Or if one added a phrase?  Michael Johnson feed meTom Brady hurries upGabrielle Reece needs a towelJesse Owens so sparklyNomar Garciaparra goes fishingYao Ming fries tofu.

Yes, I spend my nights wondering about these trivialities.

38 Special and a Second Chance.  I heard this song playing at a neighborhood BP gas station around dusk today.

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