College Football 2009: Crimson Tide coconut shrimps the Mean Green

The North Texas Mean Green jumped state lines to go against the Alabama Crimson Tide.  Televised by Peachtree TV (yeah, who knew?).  Halfway through the first quarter, Crimson Tide quarterback Greg McElroy stepped through the front, right corner of the end zone.  McElroy threw a touchdown pass to wide receiver Marquise Maze on the near the bottom of the quarter.  Alabama 14 and N. Texas 0.

The Crimson Tide continued that offensive might with a touchdown in the top of the second quarter, thanks to running back Trent Richardson.  One more TD for the books with four minutes left in the first half, thanks to running back Mark IngramStar Jackson went in as QB for Alabama in the bottom of the quarter.  Kicker Leigh Tiffin nailed a thirty-five yard field goal with a second let to play.  Alabama 30 and N. Texas 0.

Mark Ingram plowed his way into the end zone in the top of the third quarter.  Running back Terry Grant added more punches to the bag by shoving his upper body over the goal line.  Alabama 44 and N. Texas 0.  Just when it appeared as though the Mean Green had zonked out for good, running back Lance Dunbar made a thirty-five yard TD run.   Alabama 44 and N. Texas 7.

The fourth quarter put Crimson Tide farther away from the Mean Green.  Yeah, field goal.  Alabama 47 and N. Texas 7.  Hmm, maybe the Mean Green did zonk out.  Crimson Tide’s Terry Grant forward rolled into the end zone with just over five minutes left on the clock (the extra point was no good, second time of the game).  Alabama 53 and N. Texas 7.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Whenever a camera would go to a medium shot of the players, I started thinking of Dentyne and spearmint gum.

2.  Andre Ware and Dave Neal provided narration.

3.  Do you suppose that football players, college or professional, have nightmares about games of epic failure? Even if they were not personally responsible for a botched pass, catch, or field goal attempt?  Out of the following: who do you think would experience a higher frequency of work-related nightmares? Law enforcement personnel, athletes, surgeons, taxi drivers, undercover agents, film producers, stockbrokers, or florists.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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