NFL 2009: Giants scrunch and munch the Cowboys

The New York Giants got a first person look at the towering girth of the TV screen at Cowboys Stadium tonight.  Approximately 111,000 warm bodies filled the place to watch the game?

Televised on NBC, the first score of the game came in the form of a Giants field goal in the first quarter.  When the Cowboys went on offense, running back Marion Barber ran into the end zone for a touchdown.  Dallas 7 and New York 3.  The bottom of the quarter greeted Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo throwing an interception; Giants cornerback Bruce Johnson grabbed the ball in the air and flew into the end zone.  New York 10 and Dallas 7.  Cowboys running back Felix Jones went to return a kick-off but then dropped the ball at the twenty-eight yard line.  The Giants jumped on the loose prolate spheroid.  They would get another field goal soon after, giving them 13 points to the Cowboys’ 10.

The Cowboys responded with a TD catch by tight end Jason Witten in the second quarter.  Dallas 14 and New York 13.  With fewer than sixty seconds left to play in the first half, Giants QB Eli Manning threw a TD pass to wide receiver Mario Manningham, who juggled the ball in the air as he was sliding across the end zone, but he did maintain possession of the ball.  New York 20 and Dallas 14.  This TD would not have been possible had Tony Romo’s previous pass not hit Jason Witten’s left foot, causing the ball to richochet up into the hands of Giants safety Kenny Philips.  The Cowboys were able to get a field goal and narrow the score gap.  Going into halftime, New York 20 and Dallas 17.

The third quarter started with a missed twenty-nine field goal for the Giants.  It tick-tocked down to around three minutes when Tony Romo got into the end zone.  Dallas 24 and New York 20.  With fewer than thirty seconds left on the clock, Tony Romo  threw another interception right into the bosom of Kenny Philips.

The fourth quarter started with a medium shot of LeBron James, in a black t-shirt and sunglasses, in one of the VIP boxes.  Eli Manning connected with Giants wide receiver Steve Smith for a TD to take the lead again.  A field goal halfway through the quarter maintained that lead.  New York 30 and Dallas 24.  The Cowboys weren’t going to let the Giants keep that top bunk.  Felix Jones got himself into the end zone.  Dallas 31 and New York 30.  Thirteen seconds left!  What would happen?!  Giants Lawrence Tynes attempted a thirty-seven yard field goal, made it, but Dallas called a time-out at the very, very last milli-second.  Take two was good too, though.  New York 33 and Dallas 31.  Wow.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Bob Costas spoke with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones before the game started.  Jones emphasized that he wanted the fans to get “an experience they don’t/wouldn’t get watching the game at home/on the TV.”

2.  John Madden was in attendance at the game.  When the camera cut to him (in a medium shot), he was checking his phone.

3.  Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth provided commentary.  “Gimme a noun, gimme a preposition…be it ever so humble, Jerry Jones has given a new meaning to the word ‘home’,” Michaels said of the stadium.

4.  Jordin Sparks sang the National Anthem.  Was Rudy Giuliani included in the montage of faces?

5.  The former President and First Lady were there at the coin toss.

6.  Cowboys Stadium’s field looked like regurgitated spinach.

7.  A camera caught George W. Bush sitting next to John Madden during the middle of the first quarter.

8.  Al Michaels noted halfway through the second quarter that Eli Manning and his offensive line, David Diehl, Rich Seubert, Shaun O’Hara, Chris Snee, and Kareem McKenzie, have started thirty-four games straight.

9.  A camera caught a glimpse of Jerry Jones’s daughter, Charlotte, and wife, Jean, flanking Laura Bush.  They appeared to be having an interesting conversation.  The former First Lady nodded and smiled and Mrs. Jones used hand gestures to explain something.

10.  Marion Barber’s mouth guard is blue.

11.  The scoreboard at Cowboys Stadium is seven stories high.

12.  Halftime included more interview footage with John Madden and Bob Costas.  My goodness, Costas does age!  Madden said that he only decided to retire two months after the Steelers beat the Cardinals in last year’s Super Bowl.

13.  Wow…there are now Dallas Cowboys Cage Dancers?  The Cheerleaders are a separate piece.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.  Click here for the Cowboys roster.

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