NFL 2009: Patriots French onion the Falcons’ soup

Live from Gillette Stadium, an entourage of Atlanta Falcons led by second year pro Matt Ryan going nose-to-nose with a corral of New England Patriots fronted by a seasoned but recently healed Tom Brady.  Who’s going to take home the turkey bacon?  The hot, char siu bao?

Televised by Fox, with voice-over narration provided by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, the Falcons scored first with a field goal.  When the Patriots had their first offensive turn, the Falcons’ defense kept them to a field goal.  Atlanta 3 and New England 3.  The second quarter started with the Falcons doing what they could defensively (preventing one TD) but unable to stop the one that running back Fred Taylor put in the end zone.  New England 10 and Atlanta 3.  Back to back coach challenges followed.  Falcons head coach Mike Smith threw the red and won (Matt Ryan’s pass was actually incomplete and not fumbled).  Patriots HC Bill Belichick challenged whether or not Falcons wide receiver Michael Jenkins made the catch and had control of the ball a couple plays later.  Belichick lost the challenge.  And then, Falcons running back Michael Turner leaned his way to break the plane for a TD.  Atlanta 10 and New England 10.  The Patriots’ defense met Michael Turner would just enough momentum that he lost the ball.  Luckily for the Falcons, their defense was again able to keep the Patriots to a field goal.  Going into halftime, New England 13 and Atlanta 10.

The third quarter started with another Patriots field goal.  New England 16 and Atlanta 10.  How would the Falcons respond?  A TD catch by wide receiver Michael Jenkins which was nullified due to an offensive interference call.  The third quarter ended with Mike Smith challenging whether or not Patriots running back Sammy Morris was down by contact.  The televised replays suggest that Morris’s right knee hit the ground before the ball came out of his hands.  Smith lost the challenge.

The fourth quarter began with another Patriots field goal.  New England 19 and Atlanta 10.  Their kicker Stephen Gostowski has seen more action than both teams’ offense combined?  Yes, I exaggerate, nonetheless, if it were so far from the truth then the Falcons would only be three to five points down.  So Falcons, what’ll it be?  Would Matt Ryan and his offense be able to perform and get a TD?  Tight end Tony Gonzalez didn’t make his first catch of the game until the top of the fourth quarter!  At 7:47, Patriots tight end Chris Baker made a TD catch.  Grrargh. Hand bags. Okay now,  I have to wonder if Bill Belichick’s hoodie with the cut-off sleeves has cousins.  Does he have a hoodie for each Sunday or does he have just a few and gets them laundered as needed.  New England 26 and Atlanta 10.  Final score.  The first time Matt Ryan and Tom Brady meet and shake hands, Ryan had to concede defeat.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Another choppy signal, more pixelated imagery.

2.  The gecko is back in Geico ads?  There was a meeting, a man was making fun of the gecko’s accent, and a woman mentioned she thought the gecko was Australian.

3.  Joe Buck noted to Troy Aikman after the Michael Turner TD in the second quarter that Matt Ryan grew up admiring Brett Favre, likes the Phillies, and watches the Fox show Fringe.

4.  The camera cut to Tom Brady sitting on the sidelines before the first half ended.  Joe Buck remarked, “Tom Brady is very hot.”  Seconds later, there was some slow-motion instant replay of Brady’s hotness.  The words, “What the fck was that…FCK” or some derivation of it could be read from his lips.  There was also a slow motion rendering of Brady walking off the field, saying more words.  It wasn’t until Joe Buck said, “how hard was that” that I was able to make out what was coming out of Brady’s mouth.

6.  Was Falcons cornerback Chris Houston chewing gum?!  The camera cut to him in the bottom of the second quarter and started zooming in very slowly so that I couldn’t even tell if he was standing on the sidelines or on the field.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

4 thoughts on “NFL 2009: Patriots French onion the Falcons’ soup

  1. Kavitha

    I didn’t quite understand what was going on in #4 of your observations and miscellania. Was Brady responding to his knowledge of what the commentator said? Or did he just happen to be cursing? Did Buck mean physically hot? Or just hot as in, good game in football? And what was “how hard was that” in reference to? I’m intrigued but confused.

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Tom Brady had no idea what the commentator was saying. In the final two minutes of the second quarter, the Patriots were within touchdown range. Brady threw five incomplete passes to various receivers. He tried to get the ball to one of his guys and they either couldn’t hold onto the ball or they were unable to catch it. The Falcons defense brought enough pressure onto the Patriots offense that they were only able to get a field goal out of it.

      Tom Brady was “very hot” as in very pissed off about it. Regarding my 4th miscellaneous observation, Brady was very mad as he sat on the bench. One of the cameras cut to him mouthing off.

      To me, it looked like he was saying “what the fck was that…” etc. While Brady got his medium close-up, Joe Buck said the “very hot” thing; and then later when it was halftime and the Patriots were walking off the field, the telecast included Brady walking away in slow-motion. Buck was able to read Brady’s lips = “How hard was that?” My interpretation of that is “How hard was that to catch?”


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