Off Topic: the Savior or the Dreamer

I’m about halfway through Alain de Botton’s book Kiss & Tell.

The following passage got me wondering:

To anyone suffering from a fantasy of passivity, Andrew O’Sullivan could not have been more apt; he was an ideal companion for a shipwreck or a plane crash, he would have known how to light a fire with two sticks, build a tent from a rug and bamboo canes and attract the attention of rescue services with a pocket lighter.  In non-disastrous life, these capacities manifested themselves in a dexterity with insurance claim forms, household wiring and the two fiddly screws which came with Isabel’s wall-mounted phone….

…A feature of what makes a man useful in a shipwreck is his ability to block a part of his imagination, the one skilled at envisaging a band of pirates slaughtering the passengers or a typhoon turning a difficult situation into a funeral.  While this block is welcome in emergencies, it may present problems on quiet spring days with there is a need for an imaginative understanding of another’s muted dramas (123-124).

I probably know more imaginative dreamers than the dexterous saviors.  I know I’ve said before that I have no intentions of marrying or mating or falling in love), but if I were to meet, befriend, and feel positive feelings for someone who embodied both dreamer and savior, I might reconsider my conviction.

My question is… though real life is filled with nuanced and multi-layered problems and solutions, which allow for answer choices A-E and a-e, there are times when one only has an A or a B.  Dreamer or savior.  If you truly had to pick a side, where would you stand?  To ensure yourself a fulfilling or worry-free life, according to your own parameters, would you take the dreamer or the savior to be with you until the day you breathe your last breath?

I may have to pick the savior.  Sometimes I think my imagination is active enough for three people.

2 thoughts on “Off Topic: the Savior or the Dreamer

  1. Moshe

    I think saviors have the skills to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances, and therefore protect themselves from regression in life. They do not, however, have the vision and vivid goals of the dreamer, which allow one to move forward in life.
    I would probably choose savior because I like to save people and generally think of myself as resourceful, rational, calm and collected.


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