College Football 2009: Iowa grounds Michigan

Celebration!  The Yellow Jackets beat the Seminoles 49 to 44!

I “watched” the fourth quarter on Game Cast.


It’s been three years since the Michigan Wolverines and the Iowa Hawkeyes played charades.  Convened in Iowa City, televised by ABC, and narrated by Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger, literally the first play of the game was Hawkeyes quarterback Ricky Stanzi throwing an interception for a touchdown to Wolverines cornerback Donovan Warren.  Michigan 7 and Iowa 0.

Hawkeyes tight end Tony Moeaki soon tied the game with a TD run.  A field goal followed not long after, giving Iowa the lead with 10 to Michigan’s 7.  The Wolverines then took the lead with a TD by running back Brandon Minor in the bottom of the first quarter.  Michigan 14 and Iowa 10.  The second quarter shrank the Wolverines’ lead when Hawkeyes kicker Daniel Murray made a forty-one yard field goal.  Michigan 14 and Iowa 13.  Wow, those Hawkeye receivers got some impressive catches (I’m referring to the complete pass to wide receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos).   Hawkeyes running back Brandon Wegher lept into the end zone a couple of plays later for a TD (he landed atop his own teammates and the Wolverine defenders).  Iowa 20 and Michigan 14.

The third quarter upped the Hawkeyes lead with a field goal.  Iowa 23 and Michigan 14.  The clock clogged down to under five minutes and the Wolverines were in the red zone.  Two plays later, Brandon Minor crossed the goal line amidst a heap of bodies.  Iowa 23 and Michigan 21.  A botched kick to the Wolverines ended in a turnover that, luckily for Michigan, didn’t produce a TD.  The fourth quarter started awkwardly as Wolverines quarterback Tate Forcier called a time-out, much to his coach’s disagreement.  Rich Rodriguez marched onto the field, shouting “Tate! Tate!”

Mmmm. Tony Moeaki made his second TD of the night moments later after the Wolverines punted the ball to the Hawkeyes.  Iowa 30 and Michigan 21.  Ya! And then I got distracted by Narsha and Ga-In from the Brown Eyed Girls.  Halfway through the quarter Denard Robinson took over QB duties for the Wolverines.  Rodriguez should’ve been slightly relieved at the change-up because Robinson got himself across the goal line a few plays later.  Iowa 30 and Michigan 28.  Final score.  What chance the Wolverines had to win the game were crossed out when Robinson threw an interception with fewer than sixty seconds left to play.  Iowa is undefeated, maintaining the second longest streak (Florida would be the first).

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The Wolverines’ white jerseys combined with the Hawkeyes’ black tops made me think of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

2.  Why did the Hawkeyes’ mascot hold a red sneaker in its right hand?

3.  In the middle of the first quarter, Brent Musberger remarked how fitting it is that one of Iowa’s middle linebackers’ last name is Angerer.

4.  Tate Forcier’s father nicknamed him “Little Man Tate” after the little boy in the film of the same name.

5.  Did Brent Musberger say, “shades of the Green Bay Packers” when there was a minute and nineteen seconds left in the second quarter?

6.  The third quarter included a brief shot of the locker room for the visiting team at Kinnick Stadium–it’s a pink-mauve color.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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