NFL 2009: Falcons thwart the Bears

In a weekend that brought much love to local collegiate football (GaTech and UGA beat their respective opponents), the Chicago Bears fished their way to the Georgia Dome in Sunday Night’s game against the Atlanta Falcons.  Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth were the commentators.   The Falcons started on offense but were unable to score.  When the Bears got the ball, they made it down to the red zone and quarterback Jay Cutler might’ve thrown a touchdown pass…were it not for Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud intercepting the pass.  The first quarter came and went and no one put any numbers on the board.

The second quarter sprang out with a Bears TD made by wide receiver Johnny Knox.   On the Bears’ next possession, Jay Cutler threw another interception…to Thomas DeCoud.  What would the Falcons do with this turnover?  Well, running backs Jerious Norwood and Michael Turner ran the ball, and wide receiver Roddy White a touchdown.  Chicago 7 and Atlanta 7.  It took some time, but Matt Ryan found his sea-talons.  The second quarter ended with Matt Ryan connecting with tight end Tony Gonzalez for a TD (he caught the ball in the back of the end zone and then dunked the ball across the cross bar–towards the field).  Atlanta 14 and Chicago 7.

The third quarter started with Matt Ryan throwing an interception.  Bears cornerback Zackary Bowman got his paws on the ball.  Fortunately, his teammates didn’t capitalize on it.  In the bottom of the quarter, the Bears offense got down to TD vicinity but weren’t able to execute.  On a third attempt, Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux caused knocked the ball loose and linebacker Coy Wire recovered it.

The fourth quarter spelled out a second intercepted Matt Ryan pass (Falcons wide receiver Michael Jenkins couldn’t catch the ball).  Falcons cornerback Brian Williams was able to keep the Bears from scoring a TD in the middle of the fourth but landed on his right knee when he came down to the field of the end zone.  Bears tight end Greg Olsen was able to get a TD after all (on the next play).   Atlanta 14 and Chicago 14.  How would the Falcons retaliate?  Michael Turner ran into the end zone for a TD with fewer than four minutes left on the clock.  Atlanta 21 and Chicago 14.  And then there were seventy-five seconds left in the game.   Forty-seconds and Jay Cutler threw to wide receiver Earl Bennett to put the Bears offense closer to the end zone (after a series of penalties that put them back to the twenty-nine yard line).  A false start penalty, however, took away any opportunities for the Bears to score.  Atlanta 21 and Chicago 14.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  In the pre-game interview with Bob Costas, Matt Ryan explained that he wore number 2 in high school, 12 at Boston College, and after joining the Falcons, decided to go back to wearing the 2.  He recently hung out with Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow at Hartsfield–more people recognized Tebow.

2.  70,000 Falcons and Bears fans gathered at the Dome tonight.

3.  The Bears and Falcons wore hot pink gloves and shoes.

4.  Jerious Norwood got hit pretty heavily in the bottom of the second quarter.  He limped off the field towards the tunnel.

5.  After the Falcons got their second TD in the first half, Cris Collinsworth remarked, “Matt Ryan has absolutely fallen in love with Tony Gonzalez especially in the red zone…all those veteran moves,” which was soon followed by “Matt Ryan and Roddy White, Matt Ryan and Michael Turner, Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez; that’s more like the Quadruplets.”

6.  After returning from a commercial break in the top of the third quarter, Al Michaels mentioned that Bears long snapper Patrick Mannelly went to Marist.

7.  Matt Ryan in a Gillette Fusion razors commercial.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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