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NFL 2009: Eagles Big Fan the Giants

I spent the afternoon raking leaves.  I only watched a bit of the fourth quarter of the game where the Philadelphia Eagles served the New York Giants  a platter of buses.  The Eagles won 40 to 17.  Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

I watched Big Fan (Robert D. Siegel, 2009) a couple months ago and reviewed it for FilmThreat.


The opening paragraph:

Don’t let the premise of “Big Fan” mislead you. Writer-director Robert D. Siegel’s 2009 Sundance-approved dramedy indeed examines the fall-out of a hematoma-induced encounter between New York Giants fan Paul Aufiero (Patton Oswalt) and his favorite player Quantrell Bishop (Jonathan Hamm), but it’s not a football film. It’s not even a sports film. “Big Fan” is more accurately a romantic drama about loyalty and unconditional love that elects a Giants fanatic as its messenger…

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Product Placement & Branding (the longest list I’ve compiled so far):

EpsonNY Giants. Philadelphia EaglesToni Braxton’s second album Secrets (Paul has a copy in his room). Texas HoldemBrian WestbrookDonovan McNabb.  Osama t-shirt.  Jeremy Shockey.  Red 90s Toyota Corolla (Paul’s car). 50 Cent cake.  Kodak disposable cameraCostco and Priceline (in conversation).  Samsung TV (big screen but not necessarily flatscreen).  Mobil gas stationChevy Escalade. Adidas (baseball cap if memory serves).  DHLBand-Aid. Dr. Scholl’s. Old Spice leather. WWF Panda (on Sal’s laptop). Red North Face parka-esque jacket. Verizon phone booth.

Budweiser. Hawaiian Pizza. Sudsy’s Bagel. Coke in a can. Wise ChipsMountain DewA & W Root beer (Sal tells Paul not to drink Mtn Dew, alien piss, and instead to drink the root beer).  Pepsi.  Shakey’s Sports Bar.

NFL. Giants StadiumMadison Square Garden parking.  Legends Sporting Goods.


Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Paul writes down his phone rants—his passion is thought-out.  He has a mobile phone but no regular or easy access to the internet.  This (conspicuous) absence of online activity is consistent with his character—he drives a mid-90s red Toyota Corolla—as well as the film’s grainy visual design, which gives the film a sense of timelessness.

2. NFL paraphernalia (particularly of the Giants and Eagles sort) is prevalent throughout the film, yet there is no game-play to be seen.  Paul and Sal listen to a couple of games on the radio and watch telecasts at the stadium, but the viewer is not privy to a single image from it.

3. My favorite line in the film: “There’s no way we can lose, not with us in the parking lot.”

4. The events in the film take place in 2006.  Did the Giants lose to the Kansas City Chiefs 40 to 28 in that year?  Did they play the New England Patriots in December of 2007?