NFL 2009: Saints give the Falcons a minor chord

The New Orleans Saints, the Atlanta Falcons, the Superdome, Monday Night Football.  I was going to view the first half at my neighborhood Taco Mac but opted to “watch” it on’s Game Center instead (much like my previous intake of Georgia Tech games on ESPN’s GameCast).  I actually spent the majority of the first half of the MNF telecast watching public television.  I checked twice online for score updates, and each of these times the Saints and Falcons were tied (7 points a piece and then 14 points a piece). But then, at the bottom of the second quarter, the Saints broke that tie with a TD.

I continued with Game Center and a friend of mine gave me commentary in real-time via gchat.  It was surprisingly fun.  There I was once (or twice) removed from the actual game-play but still able to know what had just happened via two sources of information.  The suspense was just awful too.   I didn’t always know if the lag in Game Center updates was due to a commercial break or a challenge.  Luckily, my friend provided illumination when it counted  the most.  By the way, I hadn’t noticed until last night that the Game Center’s field graphic has a default setting of Top view (aerial view of the staging area), and there’s also a Side view option (you get to see the sky and moon/sun).

We ended up chatting for an hour.  Here, have at it; it’ll spruce up your Tuesday commute through life.

Friend: Hey… sorry I’m on my fantasy page, need michael turner to have a big game.
Me: It’s fine, I was looking at the game center.  You sound like you need…as Monty Python would say, “And Now for Something (Completely) Different.”
Friend: A falcon victory tonight might help the mood here. I really should be in bed, gotta work tomorrow, but I can’t sleep when there is a game on.
Me: You can watch the highlights on the morrow? and then if they didnt win, it wont feel so bad? and if they did win, you can jump up & down for joy wherever you are.

Friend: I know but it’s not the same as watching it as it happens.
Me: I understand. The suspense is even worse when just going by online updates.
Friend: I am the same way when i go to games, i stay until the end. You’re not watching?
Me: I dont have cable and i was too tired when i came home from work…and didnt feel like washing my hair again, otherwise id have gone to Taco Mac.
Friend: gotcha
Me: ive “watched” a few GaTech games on game cast—-so suspenseful cause im just waiting for words to appear…

Friend: fumble atlanta ball. NO is challenging the fumble.
Me: aish. Oh we’re only four points down.
Friend: Looks like a fumble to me… but I’m a bit biased. Atlanta wins challenge
Me: Ryan got sacked twice tonight….yes?
Friend: Yep
Me: Did the camera cut to him afterwards for a close-up? Did he look all flustered?

Friend: Big run from turner. Um, yes but still looked in control of his emotions. NO intercepted at goal line. great game!
Me: 3 mins left to play.
Friend:Yep, i think it’s done barring a miracle play.
Me: You gonna stay with it til the clock says :00?
Friend: Yep… there’s always a chance, maybe a pick six for 99 yards. Here we go…touchdown saints… dang it!
Me: handbags

Friend: Yes. Still a great game, I’m glad i watched.
Me: interesting. I was just gonna say that im glad i couldnt. i think i enjoyed your commentary a lot more than the sight of Ryan getting sacked twice or having to “see” and “hear” Roddy White’s 3rd quarter TD taken back.
Friend: Both teams played great and left everything on the field.  That’s all you can ask for.
Me: what happened to Babineaux?
Friend: saints may be the best team in nfl. I think he came back… i’m not sure. Uh oh.. fumble by ryan.  Atlanta is challenging of course. Tuck rule… his arm was moving forward… again, i am biased. Atlanta wins challenge.

Me: Truth is stranger than fiction, yes,but can it defy the laws of the space-time continuum?
Friend: we need 2 scores with 1:59.
Me: well, actually..yes it can. ive experienced it before…twice.
Friend: truth is stranger than fiction… I believe that. 4th and 10… this is it.
Me: Oh poor Ryan. He must have that lost-parent-at-macys feeling. Yhat description is universally…representative of anxiety, of not being able to find one’s parent at a retail store.

Friend: I had a similar experience when my daughter decided to hide in a clothing rack. We had a long talk about not freaking dad out.
Me: The older you get, when you lose sight of family at a retail store, anxiety turns to inconvenience. and you whip out the cell phone
“helloooo? where did you go?”

Friend: i know, isn’t that crazy.
Me: and then you stare them down from across the store once you see them.
Friend: been there done that.

Me: clock strikes midnight. Coach is gonna turn into a pumpkin. Indeed babineaux is back in the game.
Friend: falcons recover fumble… hold the phone. Another review… c’mon. 1:23 to go. Atlanta ball.
3rd & 10. 1:03 to go. Another review of jenkins catch/non-catch.
Me: i like that phrasing.
Friend: 54 seconds. Ryan sacked three times.
Me: Goodness graceland.
Friend: Field goal attempt…good. Now for the onside kick. :28 sec. Time out by NO c’mon. Atlanta ball. big scrum for ball.  Atlanta gets the ball. Holy cow?! what a game. Atlanta ball @ 50 with 11 sec. intercepted… it’s over.

New Orleans 35 and Atlanta 27. Final Score.  Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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