Girls Just wanna have cinnabons

No, we don’t.  But they sure are a pretty sight, aren’t they?

On to more pressing matters:

I hope nothing foul is stirring between these two Detroit Lions.

Remember the DC SniperCould his unlawful behavior truly have been preventedTangential thought:  The use of the phrase “warning signs” is so vague.  It’s one thing if individuals with the authority to intercede choose not to because there simply isn’t enough information to pursue a course of action which may or may not involve surveillance.  It’s something else to think back on one’s encounters with someone and wonder why one didn’t get suspicious.  People can always change their minds.  Even if they conspire and exhaustively premeditate to break the law, hurt their fellow man, they can still decide not to go through with their plans.


Pic creds: google image search

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