Daily Archives: November 18, 2009

With these hands I can do

It depends on the task.  I can write with both hands (I can write Korean better with my left hand than Chinese; FYI: I’m not Korean, but I  can read it, write it, understand a wee bit, and sing-along-in it).  I can use knives, spoons, and forks with both hands.  I can use chopsticks with my left, but I seldom do.  It’d take forever to pick up the drunken chicken and sliced pig ears that I so love to eat.

I can rub my head and pat my tummy.  Or rather, pat my head and rub my tummy.  Observe:

I’m predominantly right-handed; I tend to mouse and right-click-save-as with my right hand.  At work, however, I’ve had to alternate between hands or else my right elbow starts to feel funny.  Today, as I was resizing photographs and copying and pasting text, I noticed that I can mouse with the left hand and snap my right hand’s fingers in time with moderately upbeat music, but I have considerably more trouble mousing with the right hand and snapping with my left hand’s fingers.  Neuro-muscularly, I’m not sure what accounts for the ease of the former and the awkwardness of the latter.  There is the matter of Right-Left Brain dominance, I suppose.  There are a couple of things that my left hand can do by itself that my right hand cannot.  For instance, when I blow my nose, either I’m using both hands or my left hand.  My right hand doesn’t know what to do with the tissue to my nose…it refuses to position itself and hold the tissue the way my left hand does.

My left hand has inexplicable accuracy with throwing wadded up paper into trash cans, whereas, my right hand record is all over the place.  When I drive one-handed, my left hand tends to be on the wheel…at nine or ten o’clock.  I wonder about ambidexterity and athletes.  So, I did what any curious person in the 21st centry would do.  I turned to google.

The phrase “ambidextrous athletes” turned up caboodles of finds.  My favorites:

Tennis NE1?  (could I refer to this site as having a “retro” look?)

Sweet tea bags and NCAA and Motion TheoryLourdes, how cool!

Beisboll bats and what not.

Found on Fisher Price.

ESPN from June 2008.


When I searched the phrase, “I’m ambidextrous except,” the more relevant finds included:

Found on GameSpot Forums.

David Finkle thinking deep thoughts about the President’s handedness.

Jenny Doh holds a pen with each hand (check out that keyboard).


And here is what happened with I searched, “ambidextrous NFL” :

Sports Illustrated from 1980–holy smoked salmon; check out that cover.

You can see the rest here.