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Off Topic: Today’s Verse 31

I suppose one could read sports into it…

No glory for my shine

You said a mouthful without moving your teeth

Already separated by a chain of command,
he stands listlessly,
billowing in the furnace
drapes of the emptied,
skins of hollowed bodies

You search for percussion instruments

Deerskin headaches insert themselves at night,
he blends into the dirt effortlessly,
falling out to the strokes of your time machine
flung far, flung light
scarred into ancestry

Save a piece for me,
say you will

–yiqi 24 nov 09 11:08 AM


How might I read sports into this poem?   Who might say a mouthful without moving his teeth?  The head coach.  The first stanza could point to someone who is unable to make authoritative decisions.   The second stanza could be a player who has nightmares about bad plays or a messed up game clock; he feels awful when comparing himself to his uncles and cousins before him who were terrific athletes.