Daily Archives: December 1, 2009

Off Topic: Today’s Verse 32

Some nights you watch the telly and play Tetris.  Other nights you watch the President talk on the telly and play Tetris, and you notice the shots of the audience…and suddenly you can’t just mind your own business and bide your time until you expire.  You have to do something….that doesn’t entail supporting meta-rules-and-procedures.  You want to do something a bit more abstract but with a much longer shelf-life, and the best you can do is this…

minute by minute
the laser glass vibrates
the copper kettle on the stove shatters

the loon sits by the lake
second for second,
a frosted handle partakes
in the divining of alleviation

formidable opponent,
light up the nightmarish sky
his shoe-laces untied

terrible twenty
twenty-five marching harpoons
rust and fixate
their running masterminds
into the temple

of the falling dog
hungry eyes shiver
cashed in for a quick answer

minute under five
seconds i have left
to see him disappear

–yiqi 1 dec 09 11:47pm

NFL 2009: The Saints did what?!

The New Orleans Saints played the New England Patriots last night on Monday Night Football and beat those blue-white-and-reds 38 to 17.

Watch highlights here.  Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

Why did I bother looking up the score?  I over-heard two men talking about Tom Brady in a somewhat pitying light this morning.

Brady and Drew Brees were featured in extreme close-up at the start of the highlights video.  New England’s QB looked so professional, so stern; while New Orleans’s QB looked like a wee lad with big brown eyes–all iris, no white.