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SEC Championship 2009: the Crimson Tide flushes out the Gators

Undefeated Florida Gators and undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide popped tarts at the Georgia Dome in front of a sold-out crowd this afternoon for the 2009 SEC Championship title.   Televised by CBS, narrated by Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson, and a tush in every seat, the first quarter began with the Crimson Tide on offense.  The Crimson Tide’s first drive yielded a forty-eight yard Leigh Tiffin field goal.  Alabama 3 and Florida 0.  When the Gators got the ball, quarterback Tim Tebow threw an incomplete pass and his team had to punt the ball away after a few plays.  When the Crimson Tide had the ball again, halfway through the first quarter, running back Mark Ingram might have made a touchdown (did his right knee hit the ground before his right hand breached the goal line).  After a review, the TD was deemed still a TD.  The extra point was no good, though.  The ball bounced off the right upright.  Alabama 9 and Florida 0.  Gators kicker Caleb Sturgis attempted a forty-eight field goal and nailed it.  Alabama 9 and Florida 3.

Is it my imagination or did the Gators defense improve by the middle of the second quarter?  Somewhat.  Leigh Tiffin and a thirty-four yard field goal increased his team’s lead.  Alabama 12 and Florida 3.  Nearing the bottom of the second quarter, Tim Tebow demonstrated a burst of energy with some running and a throw to wide receiver David Nelson for a TD.  Alabama 12 and Florida 10.  The Crimson Tide reacted with a sixty-nine yard run by Mark Ingram.  A play later, Ingram ran the all in for a TD.  Alabama 19 and Florida 10.  The Gators’ next go at the end zone could become known as the Drop-Swat-Drop because tight end Aaron Hernandez dropped the pass from Tebow, Crimson Tide defensive back Kareem Jackson batted the ball away, and Gators wide receiver Deonte Thompson tried but couldn’t catch the ball.  The Gators then made another field goal.  Alabama 19 and Florida 13.

The Gators started on offense in the third quarter but didn’t score.  When the Crimson Tide went on offense, quarterback Greg McElroy threw a TD pass to tight end Colin Peek.  Alabama 26 and Florida 13.  The fourth quarter sprang out with McElroy twirling eight yards to the the two-yard line.   Mark Ingram crossed the goal line again.  The TD was reviewed and was confirmed.  The Crimson Tide’s two-point conversion attempt was not good.  Alabama 32 and Florida 13.  Last year Florida won this contest. They certainly had time to get on top with twelve more minutes left in the fourth quarter.  Oh, but HUFFIN’ PUFFIN’ PENGUINS!!!  Crimson Tide defensive back Javier Arenas intercepted Tebow’s pass in the end zone.  Ouch!  The Gators didn’t give up, they kept playing and trying to get the ball down the field, but alas, poor Yorrick, the unthinkable did not happen.  Alabama 32 and Florida 13. Final score.


Watch me watching the middle of the third quarter:

Film philosopher and teacher David Thomson ponders the demise of method acting.  This observation might be about acting but it articulates perfectly why I am so drawn to some human beings and not so much to others:

Part of the power of acting is that we like being with certain people. It’s voice as much as look, and it’s the confidence that distinguishes a great teacher, an elected president or a movie star—we believe them, even if they’re uttering hogwash.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The National Anthem was performed by the Florida marching band.  Representatives from the Navy color guard were there to present the flag.

2.  The Crimson Tide cheerleaders/drill team were decked out in sparkling outfits.

3.  Today’s game was the first that featured undefeated teams.

4.  The Crimson Tide wore red jerseys and the Gators white.

5.  Oddly, the TV in the dining room receives CBS signals again–I realized it a few days ago when I pressed channel “19” instead of “46.”

6.  Gary Danielson remarked immediately after Caleb Sturgis made his first FG in the first quarter that a field goal is a victory as well.  I then wondered if televised football is for people who like to watch TV rather than people who simply like  football?  People who love and know the sport don’t need to explanations about the importance of a field goal.  They may not agree with sending on the field goal vs. going for it on fourth-and-goal, but obviously, getting three points is better than throwing an interception of getting no points (depending on what quarter it is perhaps).  It’s possible that these ostensibly no-brainer comments are actually for the indifferent viewers.  Can’t be bothered to find out the difference between an extra point kick and a field goal but will happily watch the fourth quarter of a game if it’s “suspenseful” enough.

I like football and televised football.

7.  Verne Lundquist, that was no “Baryshnikov” that Greg McElroy did in the second quarter when he got out of bounds.  Hopping on one foot is just hopping on one foot.

8.  Aigo.  I told my sister the other day that Tim Tebow is an awesome quarterback and Florida would win.  Haha. Hmm.

9.  Each of these teams had a player up for Heisman consideration; Mark Ingram will probably take it to the bank.

10.  As Alabama’s offense took a knee twice in the bottom of the fourth quarter, a camera went to a medium close-up of Tim Tebow (sans helmet) on the sidelines.  He was facing screen right.  His face was contorted with disappointment and sadness.  The tears were welling and one of his teammates was sitting next to him (on his left) stroking/petting Tebow’s head.  That is why I love football…these affectionate and tender moments between heterosexual, adult males that would almost never happen in any other situation.  One would only see something similar when other kinds of uniforms are involved.

Don’t forget to watch the Army-Navy game next Saturday, Dec. 12 on CBS.  The game begins at 2:30 pm east coast time.

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