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College Football 2009: Navy chugs past Army

But first, I watched some of the Clarke Central vs. Sandy Creek High state championship football game last night on GPB.  The players looked tiny and moved as if in slowish-motion.  The Buford High players, however, resembled something fresh out of Friday Night Lights in stature.  Two words: Jessel Curry.  Click here to read all about both games and to see video clips.

Now, on to our regularly scheduled blog post:

The Navy Midshipmen won against the Army Black Knights last year.  Would they be able to do it again? Televised by CBS, the 110th Army-Navy game was narrated by Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson and took place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.  The first quarter started with the Black Knights on offense with no points achieved.  The Midshipmen’s first turn at offense led to a failed field goal.   The quarter coiled down to roughly a minute when Midshipmen quarterback Ricky Dobbs was intercepted by Black Knights linebacker Steven Eerzinger, who then ran the ball to the twelve yard line.  Moments later, there was a field goal.  Army 3 and Navy 0.

The top of the second quarter gave the Black Knights an edge as they recovered a fumbled Midshipmen ball.  Near the middle of the quarter, Navy experienced an offense boost with a fifty-eight yard completed pass between Dobbs and wide receiver Nick Henderson, but there was a flag on the Midshipmen for holding.  “Big play, big penalty, ” Gary Danielson remarked.

The Midshipmen began on offense in the third quarter, and halfway through it, Marcus Curry made a touchdown reception.  In the bottom of the quarter, the Midshipmen increased their lead by with a trio.  Navy 10 and Army 3.  The fourth quarter started with a failed Black Knights field goal.  Way, way wide left.  Several minutes later, Ricky Dobbs broke the plane for a TD.  The Black Knights had a handful of chances to score in the bottom of the quarter but the Midshipmen stopped each attempt.  Navy 17 and Army 3.  Final score.  Motif of the day – really good defense on both sides.


Watch me stretching and watching the opening kickoff:

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The National Anthem was sung by the Naval Academy Glee Club.

2.  Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense, tossed the coin.

3.  A medium-zoom-into-extreme-close-up shot of the Navy mascot masticating on something was featured before a commercial break in the firsrt quarter.

4.  An Army spirit message parodying The Men Who Stare at Goats was aired before a commercial break in the first quarter.  “Maybe you need to use a real goat.”

5.  Army wore gold pants and white jerseys.  Navy wore navy pants, navy jerseys, red waistbands (or something that appears to be a waistband) and red-lined shoulder squares.  They looked a bit …je ne sais pas…pas cool.  I kept thinking of a portrait of George Washington.

6.  The last time both Army and Navy were Bowl Game eligible in the same season was in 1996.

7.  Ricky Dobbs was born January 31, 1988.  He’s exactly seven years younger than Justin Timberlake.

8.  The Navy’s goats got another extreme close-up in the bottom of the second quarter.  One of them was still chewing on something and the other one looked bored to tears…or just sleepy.

9.  With fewer than two minutes left in the game, the Midshipmen in the stands started jumping up and down and chanting.  I have no idea what they were chanting.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.