Daily Archives: December 19, 2009

I don’t Know What to Say

Yet, I know what to type.


For over a week, I’ve wanted to go to the Barnes & Noble that is just past Little Five Points, but every day, something prevented me from fulfilling my desire.  Monday, I had to work late and went to the Buckhead B&N instead.  Tuesday, I could have died.  Wednesday, I went back to the B&N in Buckhead to purchase something that I decided I wanted after all.  Thursday, I went to an office holiday party.  Friday, I watched James Cameron’s bigger-budget-version-of-Delgo-and-FernGully.

Someone didn’t want ming going to the Edgewood B&N.  You may not take stock in this kind of thinking, believing, or assessing, but I do.  The incident from Tuesday is the reason I’m writing this entry.  I left work in time to make it to Edgewood B&N and stay there for up to forty minutes before having to head home.  As I drove down the parking deck, I realized that the back passenger seat window (non-shotgun side) wouldn’t roll down and still wouldn’t go down when I was reaching the West Peachtree intersection on 10th street.  I changed my plans and turned left onto W. Ptree with the intent of going to the Toyota dealership near my house.  When I had gotten to 17th street, though, I tried the window again and it worked.  I didn’t feel like turning back around…so I drove towards Buford Highway.  Very much a windshield wipers experience.