I don’t Know What to Say

Yet, I know what to type.


For over a week, I’ve wanted to go to the Barnes & Noble that is just past Little Five Points, but every day, something prevented me from fulfilling my desire.  Monday, I had to work late and went to the Buckhead B&N instead.  Tuesday, I could have died.  Wednesday, I went back to the B&N in Buckhead to purchase something that I decided I wanted after all.  Thursday, I went to an office holiday party.  Friday, I watched James Cameron’s bigger-budget-version-of-Delgo-and-FernGully.

Someone didn’t want ming going to the Edgewood B&N.  You may not take stock in this kind of thinking, believing, or assessing, but I do.  The incident from Tuesday is the reason I’m writing this entry.  I left work in time to make it to Edgewood B&N and stay there for up to forty minutes before having to head home.  As I drove down the parking deck, I realized that the back passenger seat window (non-shotgun side) wouldn’t roll down and still wouldn’t go down when I was reaching the West Peachtree intersection on 10th street.  I changed my plans and turned left onto W. Ptree with the intent of going to the Toyota dealership near my house.  When I had gotten to 17th street, though, I tried the window again and it worked.  I didn’t feel like turning back around…so I drove towards Buford Highway.  Very much a windshield wipers experience.

4 thoughts on “I don’t Know What to Say

  1. illumeateight

    The narrative style of this episode reminds me of something I’d write. It also reminds me of this day of double takes I had last week or the week before. I’ve never been to the Little Five B&N as far as I can remember.

  2. Smitha

    Nice Delgo reference! Did you ever see it? I totally wanted to support it, but…it just looked so bad. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.


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