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All the Better to see you with, my dear

Someone, somewhere, some time else.  Other people’s stories and pleasures, and other people’s triumphs and pain, I find infinitely more moving and attention-grabbing than my own.  All the action and decision-making, the  betrayals and gestures of profound affection happen over thereMilitary History magazine has had a pretty good track record when it comes to lifting my spirits or simply diverting my introspection from the self to people and events over there.  I went to the Starbux at the Avenue Forsyth today to do some reading.  Among the materials was the March 2010 issue of Military History.


The Letter from Military History opens with these lines:

When President Ronald Reagan repeated his favorite bit of wisdom, ‘Trust, but verify,’ he was quoting an old Russian aphorism also favored by Vladimir Lenin.  Reagan used the expression wryly as a sign of his skepticism when negotiating with Cold War counterparts.  The comment has a commonsense wisdom about it — Chicago humorist Finley Peter Dunne…coined a folksier version: ‘Trust everybody, but cut the cards.’  It is a cautionary note  that writers, editors and readers of history would do well to heed, especially when dealing with oral history.

In the context of the March issue, that Reagan quote is an introduction to an article about faking military enlistment and awarded medals.  With respect to engaging with one’s fellow man, how much might you insist on cutting the cards?  How easily or eagerly do you trust situations and people without verifying their deserving of your trust?  Are there certain circumstances in which you prefer not to trust without verifying, whereas, in other instances, you are perfectly willing to let whomever else cut the cards?

“Believe me, when I say you are the most mesmerizing creature I’ve ever had the pleasure to look upon” ?

“If only you would permit me, I would make you the happiest person in all the land”  ?

“Sign with us, and you’ll have yourself a guarantee to get into the pro’s”  ?

“Buy today and you’ll never go hungry again” ?


And as for the someone, somewhere, and sometime else, it refers to Mitch Lerner’s article about what happened to the USS Pueblo off the coast of North Korea back in 1968.  After I was done reading it, that which was gnawing at my psychological innards beforehand and rendering me highly irritable had dissipated.

It’s not a sudden appreciation for one’s own being or for the difference between over there and here.   It’s simply a relocation of cerebral energy.



Bon Anniversaire a moi

No, not “Bond Any Version Armoire.”   Happy Birthday to ming.  Would you like me to typeface-error you?  There I was just reading along in this book and I stumble upon typographical errors on page 302 that may or may not have been intentional:


And as confirmed on page 303, those errors were deliberate within the story world.


Things on walls:




Sweets courtesy of The Cookie Studio:



The red velvet cupcake was in fact tasty.


Put a little Love in Your Heart

You heard ming. You can start by mapping the soul with sleight-of-hand.  I needn’t bother twisting your fate, need I?

It doesn’t take very much for a person to look up at a bright blue sky and feel nothing on a bad moment and elated on a good…only to turn back ’round, amble back to wherever a person was located and then feel that straight face or smile get pounded into a scowl.

A person must do what is necessary to keep away from the despair.

Meekakitty makes ming feel fine.  Cakes that might put you off them forever.  Headless hula girl anyone?

Debbie Reynolds pretends to be a football in this dance number from I Love You Melvin (Don Weis, 1953).


I wish I could say Mr. Edward Ferrars is a favorite, so amiable.  But his friendliness could easily be mistaken for romantic affection–nevermind that in the end, he finally admits to himself that Elinor Dashwood is far superior to Ms. Lucy Steele.  He certainly appears to be kinder than Mr. Willoughby of Allenham, though not as primordially charismatic.  I actually prefer Colonel Brandon (as portrayed by David Morrissey) out of anyone.

If I could walk through bluffs and see the lyre separate from the melody, I think time would pass by anointed by scented spirit mint sticks.  Let the prime and the odd, and the Colts stomp down those Saints, greet me at face value and never again see the dawn.

NFC Championship 2010: the Saints crawfish bead the Vikings

Well, the Indianapolis Colts out-shined the New York Jets in the AFC Championship game.  Which NFC team would be butting heads with the Colts at Super Bowl XLIV?  Would the Minnesota Vikings bring in the cold and mead or would the New Orleans Saints ferry over some rhythm and blues?  Televised by Fox, with commentary by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, the Vikings went on offense first.  Running back Adrian Peterson made a touchdown at the end of this possession.  Saints running back Pierre Thomas tied the game with a TD run when his team got the ball.   Minnesota 7 and New Orleans 0.  Brett Favre connected with wide receiver Sidney Rice towards the bottom of the quarter, giving the Vikings seven more points.  Minnesota 14 and New Orleans 7.

The second quarter started with the Saints tying the game once again with a TD connection between Drew Brees and wide receiver Devery Henderson.  Minnesota 14 and New Orleans 14.  The second quarter drew to a close with the Vikings recovering a muffed punt to the ten-yard line and then Adrian Peterson losing control of the ball.

The Saints charged into the third quarter with a Pierre Thomas TD.  New Orleans 21 and Minnesota 14 (televised slow-motion replays revealed that Thomas’s left knee hit the ground before the ball crossed the goal line).  Adrian Peterson lost control of the ball on the Vikings next possession, but his teammate fullback Naufahu Tahi jumped on the ball.  With the legs and grip of tight end Visanthe Shiancoe, who moved the ball down the field, Adrian Peterson was able to put another TD on board.  New Orleans 21 and Minnesota 21.  Peterson recovered his own fumbled ball nearing the bottom of the third quarter.  Three times a lady fumble!  Minutes later, Brett Favre was intercepted by Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma.   Favre was brought down to the ground hard and had to hop off the field with a teammate on either side of him.

The top of the fourth quarter indicated ostensibly that the Vikings were getting sloppy Joey with their game-play.  There was another loose ball.  Saints defensive tackle Remi Ayodele got a hold of the ball after it rolled away from players on both teams.  Saints running back Reggie Bush managed to break the bottom right corner of the end zone for a TD.  New Orleans 28 and Minnesota 21.  Just when it seemed like Minnesota was closing the offensive gap, the ball gets away from them and Vilma nabbed it.  Luckily for the Vikings, the Saints didn’t score.  When Minnesota returned to offense, Adrian Peterson ended up breaking the plane.  New Orleans 28 and Minnesota 28.  The Vikings were playing the fourth-down-and-goal yo-yo and instead of getting his kicker to a decent yard-line, he threw an interception.  Cornerback Tracy Porter cradled that prolate spheroid like it was a free puppy.

Can we spell O-V-E-R-T-I-M-E?  The Saints won the coin toss.  Kicker Garrett Hartley’s forty-yard field goal attempt was good.  New Orleans 31 and Minnesota 28.  The New Orleans Saints are the NFC Champions and will send some rhythm and blues to Super Bowl XLIV.


Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Joe Buck wore a light gray suit, a light blue button-down shirt, and a caramel-bronze tie.  Troy Aikman wore a dark navy suit, a white button-down shirt, and a metallic gray tie.  The juxtaposition was a bit odd.

2.  Kris Allen sang the National Anthem.  I would say that Jordin Sparks did a much better job singing in the AFC Championship game.  She sang like she meant it; he belted like he didn’t want to mess up.

3.  The Vikings wore white jerseys and the Saints wore black.

4.  The Saints have a life-sized pound-puppy of a mascot.

5.  Sidney Rice did a little shoulder shake in the end zone after he made the TD catch in the first quarter.

6.  If you watched this game or have been following the Vikings in the news, then you know that Brett Favre and many of the offensive players wore ear plugs.

7.  Drew Brees launched the ball into the back right corner of the end zone in the second quarter; Devery Henderson flew to it like a bird of prey snatching up a field mouse.

8.  Vikings safety Madieu Williams’s first name is perverted French for “my god.”  “Dieu” is masculine, so “my god” should be “mon dieu.”

9.  George Bush Sr. and his wife Barbara were in attendance.  I believe the former President was wearing a dark navy suit, a white button-down shirt and a red shirt.

10. Who’s going to have the most sleepless night: Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre, Brad Childress, or Zygi Wilf?

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

AFC Championship 2010: the Colts gargoyle the Jets

Winter mint vs. spear mint, which flavor shall represent the AFC in the Super Bowl?  Televised by CBS, with narration by Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, the Colts started on offense and had to punt the ball away three minutes into the game.  The Jets were able to get a field goal opportunity but kicker Jay Feely missed it.  When Colts quarterback Peyton Manning took his offensive players back on the field, he was sacked faster than one can say, “Thank you, sir, may I have another.”

The second quarter started with a Matt Stover field goal.  Indianapolis 3 and New York 0.   Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards put his team on the board with a touchdown moments later (quarterback Mark Sanchez threw to him and eighty yards later, there was end zone).  The Colts were unable to get the ball to stay in the end zone.   Stover kicked another field goal.  The Jets upped the score with another TD, courtesy of tight end Dustin Keller.  New York 14 and Indianapolis 6.  Can the Jets defense be better than the Colts’ offense?  Can the Jets offense be better than the Colts offense?  The Jets got their hands on the ball after Peyton Manning gave the ball to running back Joseph Addai.  Jay Feely made his second FG attempt in the bottom of the second.  New York 17 and Indianapolis 6.  The Colts got their act together enough to make a TD before the end of the quarter, thanks to wide receiver Austin Collie.  New York 17 and Indianapolis 13.

The third quarter went off with a failed Jets FG attempt.  The Colts’ offense returned to the level of athleticism to which most of us are accustomed with a Pierre Garcon TD near the middle of the quarter.  Indianapolis 20 and New York 17.  The Colts increased their lead with a Peyton Manning TD throw to tight end Dallas Clark in the middle of the fourth quarter.  Indianapolis 27 and New York 17.  Matt Stover took the field for a twenty-one yard field goal with under three minutes left in the game.  Colts defensive back Kelvin Hayden intercepted Mark Sanchez with about two minutes left on the clock.  Indianapolis 30 and New York 17.  Final score.  The Indianapolis Colts go to the Super Bowl! Winter mint wins!

Watch me watching the first half of the game:

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The Jets wore white jerseys and white pants.  Why did number 17 have his top bunched up to reveal hot cross bun abs?   The Colts wore blue jerseys and white pants.

2.  Jordin Sparks sang the National Anthem while US army soldiers held an unfurled flag across the field.  A bald eagle was released towards the end of the song.

3.  Due to heavy precipitation, the telecast was pixellated and stop-n-go.

4.  This game was also broadcast in Spanish (SAP button!)

5.  The bottom of the screen included a map of northern GA that was under a tornado watch.  There’s a Butts County in Georgia.  Something about that graphic made me want some pink lemonade really badly.

6.  After the Jets’ first TD of the day, a camera went to Peyton Manning sitting on the bench looking mauve-faced and very discontent.

7.  Tony Dungy was watching the game.

8.  Do you remember Exposé from the 80s?  As long as the stars shine down from the heavens.  As long as the rivers run to the sea.  I’ll never get over you getting over meSeasons changeLet me be the one to take you to the point of no returnWhat you don’t know is that the guys have to be blond and wear tight jeans too.

9.  Atlanta would like to host a World Cup even in 2018 or 2022?  Assuming the planet and humankind still remain.

10.  What was up with that red zone graphic at 8:50 in the fourth quarter?

11.  Matt Stover was born in 1968!  Holy hot bananas.  As Jim Nantz remarked in the bottom of the fourth quarter, Stover would be the oldest player ever to go to the Super Bowl.

12.  Jim Irsay, owner and CEO of the Colts, was shown in close-up on the Indianapolis sidelines.  One of his middle fingers had a bandaid over the tip.  I wonder what happened.  Did he cut himself chopping veggies?

Get game summary, stats, play-by-play here.