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Rose Bowl 2010: Ohio State tars and plucks Oregon

The Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks clipped and collided with each other for Rose Bowl bragging rights today.  Broadcast on ABC, the Buckeyes started on offense in the first quarter.  Running back Brandon Saine made a touchdown four minutes into the game.  There was no more scoring until the bottom of the quarter with a Buckeyes field goal.  Ohio State 10 and Oregon 0.

The Ducks put themselves on the board with a field goal in the top of the second quarter.  Ohio State 10 and Oregon 3.  Ducks running back LaGarrette Blount may or may not have broken the plane for a TD in the middle of the second quarter.  After the official booth review, yes he did.  Ohio State 10 and Oregon 10.  The Buckeyes’ attempt to get another TD before halftime was unsuccesful so they hit a field goal instead.  Ohio State 13 and Oregon 10.  What was surely going to be a Ducks score closing the second quarter suddenly wasn’t anymore when Buckeyes linebacker Ross Homan intercepted Ducks quarterback Jeremiah Masoli.  The second quarter ended with three more points for the Buckeyes.  Ohio State 16 and Oregon 10.

The Ducks quarterback made a touchdown four minutes into the third quarter.  Oregon 17 and Ohio State 16.  In the middle of the quarter, the Buckeyes got back atop the score board with a field goal.  Ohio State 19 and Oregon 17.  The Ducks fumbled the ball not long after they got a turn on offense.  The Buckeyes recovered.  Quarterback Terrelle Pryor was intercepted by Ducks John Boyett.  Oregon didn’t do anything numerically consequential wit the turnover.  The score was still 19 to 17 with Ohio in the lead when the quarter ended.

Halfway into the fourth quarter, Buckeyes wide receiver DeVier Posey made a TD catch in the left edge of the end zone.   There was a failed Ducks field goal attempt with five minutes left to play.  Ohio State 26 and Oregon 17.  Final score.  The Ohio State Buckeyes got themselves a 2009 Rose Bowl.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger provided commentary.

2.  The pre-game segment included Mel Brooks lookalike Lee Corso wearing the Oregon Duck’s head.  That Duck looks a lot like Donald.

3.  Oregon University’s marching band played the National Anthem before the game.  Between the yellow and the reds of the spectators, the Rose Bowl appeared to be filled with light pink and canary petals.

4.  The Buckeyes wore white jerseys, the Ducks green.  The “O” in the Oregon helmet resembles a handcuff, especially when the helmet is white.

5.  The field was a lush and dark green.  The white yard numbers were outlined in dark orangey-red.

6.  Today’s broadcast featured a spotty signal.

7.  I imagine all the people watching this game at the stadium.  How many of them are on Bookface?  How many of them have wordpress blogs? Might I have indirectly interacted with them via blog or youtube commentary?

8.  Did Brent Musberger say in the middle of the second quarter that LeGarrette Blount “became a father in the fall” ?  As in there is small human being that possesses half of his DNA not-yet-running around?

9.  Ohio State’s marching band performed during halftime.  One of the songs they played was “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.”  I like those big drums.

10.  Sunset over the Rose Bowl at 8:02 east coast time was quite stunning.  The sky a dark blue coat with patches of magenta fluffs.

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Capital Gator One Bowl 2010: Penn State gains Capital and Florida State relishes Gator

Virginia Tech’s Hokies grabbed the Chick-Fil-A bowl from the Tennessee Volunteers with 37 to 14 win.

Patrick Stewart is now a Knight!


Walton High School from Marietta, GA on the Tournament of Roses Parade! 12:44PM on ABC.


This year’s Capital One Bowl between Penn State and LSU and the Gator Bowl between West Virginia and Florida State were televised by ABC and CBS respectively.  I’ve flipped back and forth between the two games.

Capital One Bowl Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The Penn State Nittany Lions and the LSU Tigers played on a mushy and wet field in Orlando.

2.  The Lions wore dark blue jerseys and the Tigers wore white.

3.  It was raining in the first quarter.

4.  Nittany Lion Derek Moye put his team on the score board with a touchdown in the bottom of the first quarter.  LSU made a field goal by the top of the second quarter.  Penn State added three in the second quarter and three more going into halftime.  13 to 3.

5.  The players from both teams were splattered with grayish mud.

6.  The third quarter gave Penn State another field goal.  Brandon LaFell made the first LSU TD of the day in the bottom of the quarter.  LSU took the lead in the top of the fourth quarter with a TD by Stevan Ridley.  The bottom of the fourth quarter put Penn State back on top with a field goal.  19 to 17.  Final score.  Penn State Nitany Lions have taken the 2009 Capital One Bowl.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

Gator Bowl Observations & Miscellania:

1. The West Virginia Mountaineers and the Florida State Seminoles also competed against each other in moist conditions.

2.  The Seminoles were red jerseys and the Mountaineers wore yellow (reminded me of Juicy Fruit gum).  Those gold helmets atop the Seminoles’ heads made me think of hockey helmets.  The Mountaineers’ cosplay-mascot was played by a woman this year.

3.  Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden, who would retire after today, was chewing gum when he was interviewed by a CBS side-line reporter.  I wonder what flavor.  Mint? Spearmint? Cinnamon? He threw a feathered spear into the middle of the field.

4.  Jarrett Brown made a touchdown and gave his Mountaineers teammates the lead in the top of the first quarter.   The Seminoles churned out a field goal in response.  Mountaineers Noel Devine increased his team lead towards the bottom of the quarter. 14 to 3. Florida State’s kicker Dustin Hopkins made a wide, wide left FG in the top of the second quarter.  The Seminoles intercepted the Mountaineers quarterback not long after that botched field goal and Jermaine Thomas made a touchdown.  Going into the second half, Dustin Hopkins closed the score gap for his fellow Seminoles. 14 to 13.

5.  Deion Sanders was dressed in Florida State colors and standing on their sideline.

6.  The sun came out in the bottom of the second quarter.

7.  Florida State took the lead with a field goal in the top of the third quarter.  In the bottom of the third, Jarmon Fortson made a super cool one-handed catch and a couple plays later, Jermaine Thomas made his second TD of the day.  Top of the fourth quarter gave West Virginia a TD by Ryan Clarke.  23 to 21.  Did Seminoles quarterback EJ Manuel get the ball into the end zone in the middle of the fourth quarter?  Yes, he did, an official booth review confirmed.  The bottom of the quarter increased Florida State’s lead with a field goal. 33 to 21.  Final score.  Florida State Seminoles have won the 2009 Gator Bowl.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

C’est Halo to une nouvelle annee

Happy 2010 everyone!

Watch me watching the Time’s Square countdown.  I also count backwards in French from “six” and say “happy new year” in unimpressive Cantonese.

I got a new camera a couple days ago (or rather, a camera of mine own).  Here are three pix I took with it.  In order of appearance: my favorite chocolate merchant in town, a Christmas reindeer, and my chariot.




Two pictures from New Year’s Eve dinner.  Self-portrait followed by a very big salt shaker.