Fiesta Bowl 2010: Boise State scoops out the Horned Frogs

Firstly, hip hip hooray for the Atlanta Falcons!

Secondly, Dallas 24 and Eagles 0. Not kidding.

Onward to this evening’s performance.  Boise State Broncos patty-caked with the Texas Christian University (TCU) Horned Frogs for the Fiesta Bowl.  Televised by Fox and narrated by Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan, the first quarter began with Broncos Brandyn Thompson intercepting Horned Frogs Andy Dalton quarterback for a touchdown.  Boise State 7 and TCU 0.  The Broncos missed a field goal attempt near the bottom of the quarter.  Marcus Jackson stepped in as QB for Dalton with a couple minutes left in the quarter.

Dalton returned in the second quarter.  The Broncos did not miss the field goal in the middle the second time.  Boise State 10 and TCU0.  With less than sixty seconds left in the first half, Horned Frogs wide receiver Curtis Clay made a swift TD catch in the front left of the end zone.  Boise State 10 and TCU 7.

The third quarter was dull like a doormouse until it was half over when TCU recovered Boise State’s fumbled ball.  The Horned Frogs got a field goal out of that turnover and tied the game.  With half a minute left in the quarter, an official review determined that Broncos linebacker Derrell Acrey did not intercept Andy Dalton.  TCU had to punt the ball away anyway.

Andy Dalton’s pass to wide receiver Jimmy Young in the top of the fourth quarter put him in first place as TCU’s QB most passing yards.  A few plays later, Brandyn Thompson intercepted him.  Ouch.  A few minutes later, Broncos kicker Kyle Brotzman faked a punt and threw the ball to tight end Kyle Efaw (the camera stayed behind Brotzman during the entire play).  Shortly thereafter, quarterback Kellen Moore put the ball into the hands of safety Doug Martin, who somersaulted into the end zone.  The Fiesta Bowl just got its festivity on — really.  Thirty seconds left in the game and Dalton threw an interception.  Boise State 17 and TCU 10.  Final score.  The Boise State Broncos have won themselves a 2010 Fiesta Bowl.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The TCU Horned Marching Band and Boise State’s Keith Stein Blue Thunder Marching Band performed before the game.  They both went on during halftime as well.

2.  Boise State wide receiver Austin Pettis was  filmed in a medium close-up chewing gum during pre-game warm-ups.  I wonder what flavor it was and if it was bubble or regular gum.

3.  The Horned Frogs wore purple jerseys and the Broncos wore white jerseys.  That purple sure looked like grape-flavored candies.  Yummy.

4.  The National Anthem was sung by Michael McDonald.  He reminded me of Kenny Rogers and Dustin Hoffman combined.  Not too shabby.  A bald eagle was set loose during the “and the rockets’ red glare” lyric.

5.  The Broncos charged onto the field with a woman galloping on a black horse.  There was a sledgehammer in one of the players’ hands.  The Horned Frogs took a less pomp-and-circumstance approach and just ran out there.  Concord grapes!

6.  John Cena participated in the coin toss.  He wore a gray suit, a white or lavendar button-down shirt, and a pink tie.

7.  Did I see someone wearing a “sun” costume standing behind one of the end zones during one of the replays of Andy Dalton getting tackled by cornerback Kyle Wilson in the bottom of the first quarter?

8.  In the middle of the second quarter, the telecast cut to a camera on the Broncos sidelines.  In a slightly low-angle shot, the camera man (or some other person’s left hand) reached in front of the camera and into a bag of  multigrain Tostitos chips.  Product placement.

9.  Tostitos sponsored a  Salute the Troops Bowl event in Iraq on New Year’s Day.

10.  Horned Frogs cornerback Jason Teague has a lovely arse-bottom.  Good Lourdes.  Shoulders-to-waist-to-thighs ratio.  A camera caught him in medium close-up walking towards an on-field heap.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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