Orange Bowl 2010: Iowa zestfully cleans Georgia Tech

Ode to joy.  Ode to buttered toast and chocolate chip cookies.  The knights of St. Stefano, the Ramblin’ Wreck, we salute thee.  The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets foxtrotted with the Iowa Hawkeyes tonight for the right to bear Orange Bowl arms.  Broadcast on Fox, in forty-nine degree weather, the first quarter began with the Yellow Jackets recovering a fumbled Hawkeyes ball.  There was no score to that turnover.  The Hawkeyes got themselves to first and goal half a dozen plays after they got the ball back.  Wide receiver Marvin McNutt made a touchdown catch in the back, right corner of the end zone.  Iowa 7 and Ga Tech 0.

Athletic blind-date? Nonsense.  The Hawkeyes got the hang of things very quickly as they continued to demonstrate offensive strength through the rest of the quarter, quarterback Ricky Stanzi all of his passes.  Wide receiver Colin Sandeman made another TD for his team with four minutes left in the quarter.  When there was less than forty seconds left, Yellow Jackets cornerback Jerrard Tarrant intercepted Ricky Stanzi and ran the ball into the end zone.   Iowa 14 and Ga Tech 7.

There was no scoring in the second quarter.


The Yellow Jackets had a chance to make a field goal in the middle of the third quarter but it was no good.  Near the end of the quarter, the Hawkeyes made their FG.  Iowa 17 and Ga Tech 7.  Is it my imagination or did the Yellow Jackets offense get a boost of energy in the top of the fourth quarter?  I don’t think it was flights of fancy.  Anthony Allen made a TD three minutes into the quarter.  Iowa 17 and Ga Tech 14.  Bollocks to Boulevard.  Middle of the fourth quarter and Yellow Jackets quarterback Josh Nesbitt threw an interception into the hands of Hawkeyes linebacker A.J. Edds.  Iowa’s TD attempts where thwarted and their fake field goal was no good as Yellow Jackets safety Morgan Burnett tackled kicker Daniel Murray, who then lost control of the ball.  Only two minutes left on the clock and Hawkeyes running back Brandon Wegher made a TD.  Iowa 24 and Ga Tech 14. Final score.  Iowa’s Hawkeyes bagged the 2010 Orange Bowl.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Pre-game footage included a message from former President and Ga Tech alumnus, Jimmy Carter.

2.  Dick Stockton and Charles Davis were the commentators.

3.  Derek Morgan of Ga Tech can beat box.  Sean Bedford of Ga Tech is an aerospace engineering major.

4.  Ga Tech’s marching band was clad in white.  Pretty.

5.  Nicole Henry sang the National Anthem.  Her hair was pinned up, she wore a long, red dress, and sparkly earrings.  Solid job.  Whitney Houston light, peut-etre?

6.  The Hawkeyes wore black jerseys.   The Yellow Jackets wore white jerseys.  I loved that the Hawkeyes players held hands as they ran out of the tunnel.

7.  The Hawkeyes defensive players are much bigger than the Yellow Jackets offensive players.

8.  Ga Tech linebacker Julian Burnett lost a shoe on the field five minutes into the second quarter.  One of the Hawkeyes, possibly the quarterback, picked up the shoe and tossed it to Burnett before players lined up.

9.  Hawkeyes wide receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos pouted preciously after a booth review determined that he never had possession of a ball that he “caught” but was unable to hold onto as he fell to the side of the field, legs going every which way.


Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.


Go Sandra Bullock!

7 thoughts on “Orange Bowl 2010: Iowa zestfully cleans Georgia Tech

  1. Daniel B.

    What a horrible night to be a GA Tech fan.

    First, our 17th ranked basketball team loses at unranked UGA. Then, our football team lays an absolute egg in our first ever BCS bowl game. Ugh.

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      What went wrong? Bad feng shui in the hotel?

      Aside from “not executing,” or not following through with the dismount and landing, as gymnasts would say, what happened?

      It’s not like they played as piss poorly as some pro teams…you know when it’s just mistake after mistake.

      A good team can make mistakes and still win or tie..and then win if they get the ball first in OT.

  2. Michele P.

    when the Hawks hold hands running out of the tunnel (every time they enter or leave the field) it’s called “the swarm.” Kind of ironic…


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